2008 Oregon Ducks Football Spring Game Review

Pac10Rivalry.comCorrespondent IApril 28, 2008

Overall I thought the team did well. The defense is definitely ahead of the offense, but that is usually the case during the spring.

I was not as impressed with the quarterback play as I would like to have seen. I think the quarterbacks had some shining moments, but their play was too inconsistent overall.

Justin Roper started off the day with a 67-yard completion to tight end Ed Dickson. Yes, Roper was playing like Roper. He was able to get the ball moving down field, but still had some really bonehead plays. I thought he ran the ball well, too, for the most part.

I was pleased with the play of Chris Harper. It's kind of funny because you see him play and he looks like a kid that's doing so much right; and he is. But hitting on only two of nine passes and watching his sloppy footwork means he still has quite a bit to learn. On some of the short dumps over the middle it looked like he was trying to dent the receivers helmet. But as he gets used to the college game and the team he'll settle in.

Not all of the quarterback's incomplete passes were any fault of their own. The receivers dropped some (what looked to be) very catchable balls. There were also some hard hits from the D that jarred the ball loose.

Speaking of dropped balls, Jaison Williams looked good. He had no drops, caught five and scored once.

LeGarrette Blount—the kid is going to be super. I've said it before and I still think he may just end up the starter. Blount is definitely the real deal!

It may just be the running game that allows for the passing game's lack of consistency. Teams may have to focus on this 1-2-3 punch (Blount, Crenshaw, Johnson) so much that it opens up more passing.

I really think these three backs are so solid that they could be talked about later in the season as being one of the Nation's best combo threats.

I was able to snap a few pictures while there. Check them out.