Luis Suarez's 29 Premier League Goals for Liverpool in Pictures

Will Tidey@willtideySenior Manager, GlobalApril 18, 2014

Luis Suarez's 29 Premier League Goals for Liverpool in Pictures

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    Liverpool striker Luis Suarez is at 29 Premier League goals and counting this season, with four games still to play.

    He's scored two hat-tricks and one "quad-trick," against Norwich, and his haul has included some truly memorable strikes.

    Here are some pictures to represent Suarez's remarkable goal-scoring feat on a game-by-game basis this season.

1. Sunderland Away

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    Suarez made his long-awaited Premier League return at Sunderland and duly scored twice in a 3-1 win.

    Here he is tapping home the first.

2. Sunderland Away

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    And here's Suarez celebrating his second at the Stadium of Light, which was a left-footed finish from close range.

3. Crystal Palace at Home

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    Anybody can score goals while standing up. Suarez scored while falling over in Liverpool's 3-1 home win against Palace in early October.

4. West Brom at Home

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    Next up, Suarez scored a hat-trick at home against West Brom. Here's the first making its way into the corner. 

5 and 6. West Brom at Home

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    After scoring with a bullet near-post header for his second, Suarez steered home another header for his third against the Baggies.

7. Fulham at Home

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    You can't see Suarez here, but he's in front of Daniel Agger and forcing home for Liverpool in their 4-0 win against Fulham in November.

8. Fulham at Home

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    Fulham's miserable afternoon continues, as Suarez calmly slots home his second of the afternoon at Anfield.

9. Everton Away

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    The Merseyside derby at Goodison ended 3-3 in November. Suarez's contribution was a stunning free-kick past Tim Howard.

10. Norwich at Home

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    I think we all remember what happened against Norwich. Suarez scored four times, with his first a ridiculous long-range golazo.

11. Norwich at Home

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    No. 2. Suarez was halfway to his afternoon haul.

12. Norwich at Home

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    Suarez's hat-trick arrived with a crisp, right-footed finish. Norwich were living a Suarez nightmare again.

13. Norwich at Home

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    No. 4 against Norwich was another Suarez free-kick delight.

14 and 15. West Ham at Home

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    Suarez left it late at Anfield against West Ham, grabbing two goals in the space of five minutes to make for a 4-1 victory in December.

16. Tottenham Away

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    It was a trip to White Hart Lane next for Liverpool, where Suarez opened the scoring with a neat left-footed finish past Hugo Lloris.

17. Tottenham Away

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    He claimed a second in a 5-0 rout of Spurs, producing one of the most memorable Suarez images of the season in his celebration.

18. Cardiff at Home

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    Cardiff were Liverpool's next opponents. I think we all know where this right-footed effort from Suarez ended up.

19. Cardiff at Home

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    Liverpool ran out 3-1 winners at Anfield, with Suarez grabbing another brace. Here he is celebrating his second with Jordan Henderson.

20. Hull at Home

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    It was New Year's Day, and Suarez curled home a free-kick for Liverpool against Hull at Anfield. The match finished 2-0 in Liverpool's favour.

21. Stoke Away

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    Stoke goalkeeper Jack Butland lies in a heap, as Suarez wheels away in celebration. He scored twice in Liverpool's 5-3 win at the Britannia Stadium. This was his first.

22. Stoke Away

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    Butland beaten again. This was Suarez's second, expertly placed as ever into the bottom corner.

23. Everton at Home

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    Everton's Tim Howard is beaten again by Suarez, this time with a low finish into the corner. Liverpool won the Merseyside derby at Anfield 4-0 at the end of January.

24. Southampton Away

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    Strangely, we can't find a picture of the moment Suarez stroked home at Southampton. Suffice to say it was another right-footed effort into the bottom corner.

    Liverpool won 3-0.

25. Manchester United Away

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    No shortage of pictures here. Suarez scored in Liverpool's 3-0 win at Old Trafford in March.

    Here he is wheeling away in delight—no doubt to the absolute joy of United fans inside the stadium.

26. Cardiff Away

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    A remarkable match finished Cardiff 3-6 Liverpool in late March, with Suarez helping himself to a hat-trick.

    Here's the first creeping into what we should probably call, "Suarez corner."

27. Cardiff Away

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    No. 2 came from Suarez's left boot. No prizes for guessing which corner it ended up in.

28. Cardiff Away

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    The hat-trick was completed with another close-range finish. Liverpool's title quest was well and truly on by this point.

29. Tottenham at Home

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    We've seen that celebration before somewhere. 

    Suarez scores in Liverpool's 4-0 home win against Spurs on March 30.