WWE Extreme Rules 2014: Power Ranking Most Likely Swerves at Marquee PPV

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured Columnist IVJanuary 11, 2017

WWE Extreme Rules 2014: Power Ranking Most Likely Swerves at Marquee PPV

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    The Extreme Rules pay-per-view is one that often provides WWE fans with plenty of drama. Given how we still get a lot of the WrestleMania fallout at the show, it means we are often in for a surprise or two.

    Those surprises can often come in the way of swerves. It could be a returning star, or it could be someone who is simply lined up for a character change.

    The 2014 edition of Extreme Rules promises much in the way of excitement. Several swerves could be in the offing, too.

    Let's take a look at five of the most likely swerves to take place at Extreme Rules, ranked from least likely to most likely. 

5. The Shield Implode at Long Last

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    This admittedly makes the bottom of the list because it probably won't happen.

    However, you can never rule out the possibility of The Shield splitting up, as it has been teased on so many occasions in the past.

    If Extreme Rules does prove to be the moment where their long allegiance comes to an end, it would be a huge swerve. After all, they have only recently turned babyface. Therefore, something dramatic would have to happen.

    While it is perhaps the least likely of all the swerves on this list, that doesn't mean you can simply rule it out. 

4. A Forgotten Star Returns

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    Before he suffered yet another agonizing injury, Christian was just starting to gather some momentum.

    Unfortunately, that seems to have been the tale for the last two or three years. He has been close to breaking out on several occasions, but consistently gets injured or withdrawn, meaning his momentum is lost.

    With him out of action at the minute due to a concussion, will we see him make a dramatic comeback at Extreme Rules? He may feel like he deserved a shot at the Intercontinental Championship, and he could have a huge say on the impact of that match.

    If not, he could simply get involved elsewhere. If Christian is to return again and have an impact, he needs to kick things off in a big way to generate some momentum.

    Extreme Rules would be an ideal place to start. 

3. Randy Orton Turns on Evolution

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    This option doesn't necessarily mean Randy Orton has to turn babyface. In fact, he should remain very much a heel.

    However, you get the impression that Orton isn't fully sold on the concept of teaming with Batista and Triple H, as his reactions and promos on Raw seem to suggest.

    With that in mind, could he turn his back on Evolution and become a freelance rogue at Extreme Rules?

    It certainly seems possible.

    If Evolution are to lose their match against The Shield, it has to be done in a way to create some genuine intrigue heading into the forthcoming months.

    He has previous in terms of turning on Evolution, after all.

    A swerve such as this would create a whole new dynamic to the storyline surrounding Randy Orton and The Authority, that is for certain. 

2. AJ Lee Returns to Help Tamina Win

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    After AJ Lee finally dropped the Divas Championship on the Raw following WrestleMania XXX, she has been absent for the last week or two.

    There will no doubt be much speculation surrounding just what has happened to Lee, but perhaps she is being kept off TV for a reason.

    Lee's buddy, Tamina Snuka, is actually competing at Extreme Rules for the belt that Lee recently dropped. She is facing Paige, and it could be possible that Lee returns to help Snuka win the belt.

    It would certainly make things interesting in the women's division, as you would all of a sudden have three legitimate contenders for the championship—rather than just one.

1. Cesaro Gets Screwed

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    After what happened at WrestleMania XXX and shows before and after it, many would have expected a grudge match between Jack Swagger and Cesaro at Extreme Rules.

    However, that looks like it may not happen at the moment, as Cesaro is in the hunt to face Big E for the Intercontinental Championship at Extreme Rules.

    If Cesaro progresses through the tournament to determine the challenger for the belt, could a familiar face cost him the championship?

    It would certainly open up the possibility of Cesaro against Swagger—with a genuine possibility for either man to turn babyface in the process. Cesaro is neither heel nor face at the moment, and you would expect that to change in the coming weeks.

    Of all the potential swerves at Extreme Rules, this seems the likeliest.