Bo Dallas Has Low Ceiling on WWE Main Roster

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistApril 17, 2014


A recent vignette for forthcoming WWE Superstar Bo Dallas showed generic footage of thrill-seekers and generally motivated individuals. This served as accompaniment to an inspirational play on words from WWE’s resident life guru, Bo Dallas.

“A lot of people take the word 'impossible' as a negative thing. They're just reading it the wrong way. The word actually says 'I'm possible.'”

The irony in this is Dallas’ role as a life coach will do little to preserve his own life as a relevant star on the WWE main roster.

The gimmick is actually a creative one that Dallas portrays serviceably. There is a tone of overcompensation and cheesiness that is all part of the act. He’s like a straight-and-narrow guidance counselor who tries too hard and wants everybody to like him to his own detriment.

The act was a top-level heel gimmick in NXT, but even there it became difficult to tell whether fans were getting sick of him by design or on their own accord.

The “Bo-ring” chants, while still a play on words, did hold some truth during his matches. Dallas’ move set is uninspired, and the time he takes to set up maneuvers doesn't scream psychology so much as it screams plodder.

For Bo Dallas to work, the act needs to stand front and center as his in-ring skill set slowly follows. Even his wrestling moves need to stay true to the gimmick.

Bray Wyatt, maniacal cult leader and real-life brother of Dallas, kisses his opponent on the forehead prior to delivering his impressive Sister Abigail finisher. He sings during his matches. He crab walks. All to convey one central message—he’s freaking crazy.

Every Bo Dallas finisher should be accompanied by a weekly motivational message. A character like Dallas shouldn't even care about pinfalls initially. The message itself could be the finisher with the match degenerating into a private motivational session.

Tell me that wouldn't get heat.

Based on his vignettes, Dallas seems more interested delivering uplifting messages than winning matches.

Despite winning most of his matches at NXT, this gimmick did not get hot enough on a smaller stage to indicate future success. There doesn’t seem to be a demand for Bo Dallas, there’s just nothing left for him to do at Full Sail University after a long reign as NXT Champion.

Bo Dallas: Life Guru can work on a short-term basis. But there have been more talented performers with better gimmicks and similar pedigrees who were eventually lost in the shuffle.

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