Breaking Down LSU Recruit Trey Quinn's Highlight Tape

Edwin WeathersbyAnalyst IApril 18, 2014

Breaking Down LSU Recruit Trey Quinn's Highlight Tape

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    Credit: 247Sports

    Trey Quinn is a 4-star receiver who signed with LSU in February. Among the best players in Louisiana last year, he hails from Barbe High School in Lake Charles. 

    At 6'1" and 200 pounds, the talented pass-catcher has great quickness in the slot. He separates from defenders by running crisp routes, plus he attempts to catch everything with his hands.

    With 6,566 receiving yards in his career, he holds the national all-time record in that category for high school football, according to 247Sports.

    He is expected to develop into a productive starter in Baton Rouge. Based on what he shows on his highlight tape, that expectation is correct.

Play No. 1

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    The first play of Quinn's highlight tape starts after the snap, so there's no chance of seeing how he released into the route and got in and out of his break.

    However, he does snatch the ball cleanly with his hands and looks it all the way through. Quinn then shows solid speed after the catch, which ends with him scoring a touchdown.

Play No. 2

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    Credit: 247Sports

    The next play on Quinn's highlight tape again starts after the snap. However, it appears to be a clip of him returning a punt.

    He uses his quickness to accelerate up the field after securing the ball. He has the running style of a classic slasher, as he knifes his way through defenders. At the end of the play, he spins away from the final threat to get into the end zone.

Play No. 3

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    Credit: 247Sports

    On this play, the future Tiger shows off his ability to pluck a pass with his mitts in traffic. It's hard to tell what route Quinn ran here, but it could have been a back-shoulder fade.

    However, he confidently and athletically goes up and attacks the ball in the middle of two defenders. Many high school receivers would choose to body-catch here, but Quinn plucks the pass with his hands at a high point.

Play No. 4

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    Credit: 247Sports

    This play appears to be a simple quick-screen where Quinn is allowed to get the ball in a little bit of space. Again, look at him catch the ball cleanly with his mitts.

    He then shows a quick upfield transfer after the catch and then scampers down the sideline for a score. Quinn appears to have great quickness and solid speed with the ball in his hands.

Play No. 5

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    Credit: 247Sports

    Showing off some versatility, Quinn is used as a runner on an end-around on this play. He cuts back inside from the backfield, showing off good agility, quick feet and tackle-breaking ability during the carry.

    He is thought to be caught inside and surrounded by too much traffic, but he uses lateral quickness to cut back to his left. He didn't score here, but you get a good sense of his athleticism and strength as a runner, as Quinn breaks three tackles on this play.

Play No. 6

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    Credit: 247Sports

    This is another clip that starts after the snap. Not much can be taken away from this play, but it's worth noting that Quinn finishes deep on top of two defenders.

    He tracks the ball well with his eyes and smoothly hauls in the pass for a touchdown.

    Ben Love of wrote on Feb. 4: "The Lake Charles native will have a real shot at playing right away in purple and gold."

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