Top Five Draft Moments in Philadelphia 76ers History

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Top Five Draft Moments in Philadelphia 76ers History

Philadelphia professional sports teams usually have memorable drafts for one reason or another and the Sixers are no exception. For every Allen Iverson there's a Shawn Bradley. For every Charles Barkley there's a Sharone Wright.

The 76ers are one of the pillar franchises of the NBA. You always hear sports writers say that the NBA is better when teams like the Knicks, Bulls and Celtics are good. The Sixers fall into that category as well.

Philadelphia is a great sports city and when the Sixers are good the town really embraces the team. By the same token, when they're bad the fans have no problem voicing their displeasure.

Over the last 25 years it has become increasingly more difficult to grade the talent in the NBA draft because there are so many underclassmen who enter. Now, the NBA draft is all about potential; in years past, you had a better body of work from which to evaluate a player because guys tended to play at least three years of college ball. In a lot of cases, they stayed for all four years.

The Sixers have made some great draft picks over the years. Allen Iverson obviously comes to mind as well as Charles Barkley, Billy Cunningham, Maurice Cheeks, Hal Greer, Doug Collins and Andrew Toney.

On the flip side of that equation, we have the Shawn Bradleys, the Sharone Wrights, the Speedy Claxtons, the Keith Van Horns and the Clearance Weatherspoons of the world.

So hopefully this list will provide more good memories than bad ones.
Honorable mention for memorable draft day selections (or non selections): drafting Larry Hughes over Paul Pierce in the '98 draft. Drafting Speedy Claxton (the Iverson replacement) and not Michael Redd (who went in the second round). The selection of Terry Furlow in the 1976 draft which featured future all-stars Alex English and Dennis Johnson. Drafting Darryl Dawkins in '75.

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