Kane Is the Best First Challenge for Daniel Bryan's WWE World Championship

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistApril 18, 2014

Kanecredit: wwe.com

Kane was verbally assaulted on the April 14 edition of Monday Night Raw by Stephanie McMahon.  Stephanie was calling out The Big Red Machine on a couple of different issues, most notably Daniel Bryan as the new WWE world champion.

And by the time the spot was over, it had become apparent to fans that Kane had once again found the devil inside.  He is now targeting Daniel Bryan, and there's no better first challenger for the WWE World Championship.

The truth is that it was likely only a matter of time before Kane became The Devil's Favorite Demon once again.  He has spent nearly six months in a business suit while the familiar red mask rested under protective glass.

And that glass was not there to protect the mask; it was there to protect the other WWE Superstars.

Kane attacks The Big Show.
Kane attacks The Big Show.credit: wwe.com

Kane was the ultimate monster, the red menace who stalked one talent after another.  Long before Brock Lesnar was the beast incarnate, Kane wore the mantle proudly.  He terrorized the roster as a heel, and he brought fans to their feet as a babyface.

And the common denominator between the two characters is the entertainment value.  Simply put, Kane is very good at what he does, and there are very few Superstars as well-rounded and firmly established as he is.

So despite the fact that he is a veteran whose best years are likely behind him, the truth is that Kane still has a lot to offer in WWE.  It's because of this that he was meant to wear the black and red once again. He was also meant to feud with Bryan for the championship.

The reason for that lies in the history that the two men have together.

It was back in 2012 when The Big Red Monster and WWE's biggest underdog crossed paths in what many referred to as the "anger management" storyline.  It was due to their individual issues with temper and aggression that caused them to feud in the first place, and it eventually brought them together as a tag team.

While under the care of Dr. Shelby, Team Hell No embarked upon one of the most entertaining angles WWE fans had seen in years.  Kane's unsubtle, not-so-silent rage was tempered by Bryan's neurotic personality, and the two made for some very funny moments in WWE.

But when Team Hell No captured the WWE tag titles and later feuded with The Shield, the laughing gave way to awe and respect.  

Kane and Bryan became a very polished, very well-rounded tag team.  Fans saw their rise in the company and their transition from comic relief to the alpha males of the tag team division.  Team Hell No had arrived, and their partnership had peaked at the perfect time.

Team Hell No as tag champs
Team Hell No as tag champscredit: wwe.com

Of course, a peak usually leads to a valley, and by the time Team Hell No split, it was a moment that fans had actually been anticipating.  But that split has ultimately led fans to the moment that is now before them.

Kane will almost certainly be the first challenger for Daniel Bryan's WWE World Championship.  Their past makes the perfect backstory, and their present roles are the perfect connection to their impending rivalry.

It's each man's present spot in the company that is the most vital element contributing to Kane's potential role as Bryan's first challenger.  

Kane is WWE's director of operations, the man who has been at Triple H's right hand since October of 2013.  He has enforced The Authority's rule over the locker room and has run the show whenever Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were not on TV.  Kane successfully translated his ring character to the corporate killer that fans know him to be now.

And standing on the opposite side of The Authority is the man who destroyed its death grip on the WWE world title. 

Daniel Bryan is the man who raged against the machine, the man who fought against The Authority and won.  He took the industry's top prize from Triple H's handpicked top star in Randy Orton, thus ending The Authority's hold on the company's top spot.

And now Bryan will come face to face with Kane, who will undoubtedly be looking for redemption on behalf of The Authority.  The Big Red Machine has an ax to grind against the man he once reluctantly called his partner and friend.

Kane is the best first challenger for Daniel Bryan's WWE World Championship.  When the two men come together now, the entertainment value will likely be just as strong as it ever was before.