D-League's Atlanta Hawks Beat Boston Celtics... Again

Andrew PalumboSenior Analyst IApril 28, 2008

Zaza Pachulia and her teammates defeated the Boston Celtics to tie the first ever NBA/D-League playoff series. 

After an awkward attempt to kiss Kevin Garnett (which led to technical fouls for Garnett, Sam Cassell, Joe Johnson, and Ms. Pachulia), the Hawks stumbled to their second playoff win against the NBA-best Celtics.

Garnett apologized for his actions following the altercation in which he elbowed Pachulia saying, "I've never hit a b*tch before... I'm sorry".

David Stern, who was in attendance, was quoted as saying, "Atlanta?  I thought this was Oklahoma!", before leaving the game in disgust.  Stern's goon, NBA Vice President Stu Jackson, explained that Paul Pierce's $25,000 fine was for not slapping Al Horford after he made the rookie mistake of taunting one of the game's finest players.

The series is now tied at 2-2 and headed to Boston for Game 5.  Yours truly will be on the scene to document this historic match-up between the NBA's best and the D-League's ... well, middle of the road.


Author's Note:  Did you know that Zaza Pachulia is so bad that there's no Bleacher Report tag for her?  You learn something new every day...