LeBron James and Vince Carter Teaming Up Together?

Brandon RibakSenior Writer IJune 20, 2009

It seems to be just another crazy rumor, actually it could work out for both the Cleveland Cavaliers and the New Jersey Nets.

In a deal that would send Mr. Half man/Half amazing (a.k.a Vince Carter) to the Cleveland Cavaliers along with another player on the Net's roster for Big Ben Wallace, Sasha Pavlovic, and J.J. Hickson, as a GM, would you pull the trigger?

Let's think about it for a second.

From a Cavaliers perspective, we would be obtaining an aged Vince Carter who clearly is not the man he once was. Although, he would be able to guard players like Paul Pierce, Rashard Lewis, and Hedo Turkoglu, could VC really remain healthy all season long and put up productive numbers for the Cavs?

If the Cavaliers even accept this deal, they still have a major problem with their big men. What do they do about that? Keep Varejao and have him and Big Z as their starting power forward and center?

From a Nets standpoint, I can see where this team is coming from. They realize VC is aging and he will definitely opt out of his contract after his two years are up, so they are obviously more than willing to deal him away immediately.

They will receive Ben Wallace's $14 million contract, which will come off the books after next season, along with Sasha Pavlovic nearly $5 million contract, and a potential star in J.J. Hickson.

From the looks of things, I would much rather be the New Jersey Nets than the Cleveland Cavaliers in this trade.

What's your take on this?