WWE WTF: Nancy Grace, Sting in WWE and More

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Why is Nancy Grace pro wrestling's public enemy? How many performers does Jeff Jarrett's fledgling Global Force Wrestling promotion have access to? And did I just see Sting in the WWE? 

Nancy Grace earned the ire of professional wrestling fans when the controversial television host wrongfully accused several wrestlers of passing away due to steroid abuse. 

What was supposed to be a civil discussion about the life of the Ultimate Warrior, alongside Diamond Dallas Page, turned into a farce that earned Grace yet another genre of detractors. 

Warrior's passing brought about a Sting sighting on the WWE Network, as the legend finally broke his career-long streak of not appearing live on WWE programming. This is an unceremonious debut on WWE for Sting, so hopefully it is not representative of what's to come. 

Jeff Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling promotion is still yet to come, and according to a press release, the Hollywood Reporter claimed GFW has access to a database of over 500 performers. Needless to say, this would make for an endless amount of jobs in professional wrestling. 




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