Brent Barry Better Practice "Jessie's Girl" After Shaquille O'Neal Guitar Smash

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Let's have a moment of silence for Brent Barry's guitar, which is now busted to pieces much like the former NBA guard's heart.

Next Impulse Sports' Pete Blackburn spotted just the latest evidence that Inside the NBA is one of the best shows on television. 

It all starts with Barry doing his best impression of a college freshman crooning from the heart—at least that's what it seems like. Thankfully, Shaquille O'Neal looms nearby to remedy the situation. 

The co-host grabs the guitar and demands, "We only want to hear classics like (singing) 'I wish I had Jessie's girl.'"

Barry, who really just wanted to get some soulful licks in before launching into what we have to presume is an acoustic Sublime cover, is dumbfounded. 

That's when O'Neal continues: "Get it? Classics." That's when we see Shaq angry, which is a good thing: We love it when he's angry. 

O'Neal waltzes off as Barry is left to gauge the damage, which is extensive. Somewhere, Barry is off proclaiming that he is the most misunderstood artist of his time, while the rest of us are destined to hum Rick Springfield hits all day. 

Either way, nobody is happy. 

Sports Illustrated and NBC's ProBasketballTalk had the same great idea: Shaq was just harnessing his inner Bluto, taking the guitar to a nearby hard surface when the noise became too much to take. 

With that, we have to assume there will be an abrupt end to Brent Barry concerts taking place behind the scenes. Then again, they may continue as long as O'Neal gets a look at the setlist first. 

Shaq smash!

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