News of Mets Affiliate's Seinfeld Night Is Very Much Real and Spectacular

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterApril 16, 2014

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Anybody planning a nice Summer of George in July can swing by the Brooklyn Cyclones' Seinfeld Night, because it promises to be a real scene, man. 

ESPN's Darren Rovell reports the Cyclones, a minor league Mets affiliate, is planning a Seinfeld soiree to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the hit show about nothing. 

ESPN's Mike & Mike actually broke down what fans can expect when the sport takes a backseat to some hilarious shenanigans on July 5: 

Let's help Mike Greenberg out just a bit as he ponders, "If you want to wear something Seinfeldian, go with something a little more...that only the real fans would understand."

Struggling to come up with something awesome, we have to suggest fans heading to MCU Park wear the only thing that would garner someone shouting in your direction, "Hey! Bodysuit Man!

According to the report, fans are in store for quite the homage to the show that gave us so many hilarious memories and quotable lines. 

The first 2,500 in attendance will get a Keith Hernandez "Magic Loogie" bobblehead, which might look something like SportsCenter's tweet: 

For those poor uninitiated who never experienced the joy of this show, here is the reference:

Ah, but we do know, Jerry Seinfeld, because the spitter was actually Roger McDowell. That clip features Keith Hernandez pointing to the "gravely road," giving us the impetus behind the bobblehead. 

Now that isn't all, because fans will also get in free if they can prove they actually sell latex. Other than that, the team will wear "puffy shirts" during batting practice, there will be an Elaine Benes dance off and mailmen—in a nod to Newman—will toss out the first pitch. 

Of the more disgusting variety, fans will get to compete in downing copious amounts of cereal, a favorite food item of the show's main character. 

Sadly, they seemed to have failed incorporating a foot race started by Mr. Bevilacqua or rousing feats of strength taking place near home. 

As for former Mets star Hernandez, Rovell reports we shouldn't expect any surprise cameos: 

Team spokesman Billy Harner said that Hernandez's presence at the game is not likely because the Mets play the Texas Rangers that night and Hernandez is expected to be broadcasting the game. Harner said the team has gone through the Mets to request an appearance by Seinfeld.

The sports business reporter also notes that the Toledo Mud Hens are having a similar promotional night in August to celebrate the show that started as the Seinfeld Chronicles on July 5, 1989.  

Thankfully, this isn't likely to be the last we see of crazy promotional nights, especially when it comes to minor-league baseball. 

As Yahoo! Sports' Mike Oz points out, there is hardly a dearth of Star Wars-themed jerseys out there, which is just one of the many ways organizers get fans to come out and see the team. 

Joining pop culture and baseball is a beautiful way to get fans feeling nostalgic and ready to head out and see some zany baseball antics. 

Fans of the show will agree that this has to be one of the more brilliant promotions in years, and one that certainly mandates we all celebrate the 26th anniversary of the show next year. 

Now if you know what happened in the Met game, don't tell me


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