Who Was Johnny Manziel Hanging Out with at the Texas Rangers Game?

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Who Was Johnny Manziel Hanging Out with at the Texas Rangers Game?

UPDATE: Wednesday, April 16. 10:09 a.m. ET 

Busted Coverage's Joe Kinsey reports one of their readers has identified Manziel's mystery friend as Kyndal Kyaire, a San Diego-based model and bottle service attendant at Fluxx Nightclub.

We can't verify this claim yet, but it looks convincing. 

---End of Update---

Call the Pentagon, the Mystery Team and dig up J. Edgar Hoover. There are happenings afoot in need of serious investigation.

Namely, there is an unknown female associating with Johnny Manziel, and our national security may be compromised if her identity is not discerned.

In other words, Johnny Manziel hung out with a shapely woman at a baseball game, and now we’re going to talk about it.

Joe Kinsey of Busted Coverage spotted the former Texas A&M quarterback attending Tuesday night’s Texas Rangers game with what some might consider a "new girlfriend."


They indulged in some very Johnny Football-ish poses.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

We do not know who this woman is, but we do know that she is not Lauren Hanley, the FSU grad everyone determined was Manziel’s girlfriend earlier this year.

She’s also probably not Megan Fox, despite similarities.


Does anyone know who this woman is? And more importantly, what qualifies as a “girlfriend” or “boyfriend” for young superstars these days? You have to be seen in public together once? Or do you just have to hold the door for them at First Watch?

Johnny Manziel is many things, but predictable and patient he is not. Kids in their early 20s change it up often. Johnny is still figuring things out, and probably burning through potential love interests like NASCAR tires in the process.

Mix his stardom with the power of Tinder and it’s a small wonder Johnny Football isn’t wading through young women on stilts just to get to his car every morning.

We may never know who this young woman is to Johnny, and normally I’d say that doesn’t matter. Who cares who players date, right?

The NFL does, judging by the line of questions former UCF quarterback Blake Bortles faced at the 2014 NFL combine.

According to Will Brinson of CBS Sports, Bortles went on The Dan Patrick Show and said teams asked him about his girlfriend, Lindsey Duke.

“Nothing was really that bad, I got a couple girlfriend questions,” Bortles said. “If I had one, some awkward ... if we come to town will she be there for dinner and stuff like that.”

Well, then. Sounds sensible and pertinent to me.

For one reason or another, teams are interested in who you’re seeing and what you plan to do with them. I guess it’s important to know with whom their potential superstars are associating.

You do you, Johnny. Just be prepared for the awkward girlfriend questions that follow. They're not just coming from the media these days.


"Why do we have to put a label on it?"

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