New York Mets: Aaron Heilman, What a Joke

Taylor SmithCorrespondent IApril 28, 2008

It's pretty simple—Aaron Heilman has been quite the scene to watch this year. 

The New York Mets have lost three games this season due to the collapse of the bullpen.  Two out of the three fall on Heilman's shoulders.

Since Heilman started pitching for the Mets, it has all gone downhill. 

For the past three years, his innings pitched went down along with his record (2005, 5-3, 2006, 4-5, 2007, 7-7).

He has not helped the Mets as much as they need him to.  If he is not going to pitch as much as he has in his past years, how will he be helping the Mets the rest of the season?

Not to mention, he cannot perform under pressure.  His postseason record of 1-1 and an ERA of 3.68 is not good enough for the Mets to get through the playoffs. 

Now I am a very big Met fan, but they rely on him too much.  He has already pitched in 14 of the 24 games so far. 

His ERA of 6.43 just shows why he has lost two of the three for the Mets.  He has also given up four home runs already—that is half of what he had during all of last season.

The Mets should strongly think about trading Heilman for someone who can get the job done and not blow two out of three games.