Golf Digest Posts Behind-the-Scenes Paulina Gretzky Video, If You're into That

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As most are aware, Paulina Gretzky, a woman with tenuous ties to golf, is featured on the cover of Golf Digest's May issue. Now we have the behind-the-scenes video that also shares a tenuous tie to the sport. 

We see a theme here. 

The Big Lead's Stephen Douglas tips the Internet to the news that there is a video to go along with those now-famous images of Gretzky posing for her cover shoot with the golf magazine. If the mere mention weren't enough of a gift, there are GIFs as well, so thanks and stuff.  

If you are looking for information on how a cover shoot is run or how the magazine decided to frame the Internet celebrity who is engaged to PGA pro Dustin Johnson, you are out of luck. 

What we gleaned from watching all of one minute, 11 seconds of video is that this is just another way to juice a very lucrative piece of fruit. 

By putting Gretzky on the cover, Golf Digest enjoyed enormous coverage from all corners of the World Wide Web. That some of that was largely negative is inconsequential when you are trying to move product. 

We said something similar when offering thoughts on the initial cover and feel the same after taking in what is really a music video of Gretzky stretching. 

It starts with Gretzky introducing the video: "Hey, guys. I'm Paulina Gretzky and I'm so excited to be a part of Golf Digest's May fitness issue. Come check it out." About a minute and various poses later, that's very much a wrap. 

And we mean that in all the ways you can take that sentiment. 

Consider this the last throes of a fantastically executed marketing idea. Gretzky absolutely did her job in raising awareness for the sport and the magazine—of course doing so amid controversy and LPGA uproar. 

Craig Bestrom, who interviewed Gretzky for Golf Digest, starts the article: 

We'll be honest. It'd be a stretch to call Paulina Gretzky an avid golfer or fitness fanatic. Her last name is familiar because of her dad, The Great One, Wayne Gretzky. Her mom, Janet Jones Gretzky, is a movie star you might remember for starring alongside Matt Dillon in "The Flamingo Kid" in 1984. Wayne and Janet are definitely avid golfers, and now that Paulina, 25, is engaged to golf superstar Dustin Johnson, she's quite smitten with the sport herself.

With a renewed love for the sport, Gretzky recalls how she was once encouraged to head into golf as a career: 

As it turns out, that was the smartest thing I've done with golf. Posting that video showed people that I could actually play. Shortly after that, TaylorMade called to ask if I'd do a commercial. And now I'm getting this opportunity with Golf Digest. I should have listened to my mom and become a golfer.

While this is the last we should hear about the May fitness issue, don't think for a second that the curtain has dropped on a budding star in Gretzky. 

Many were quick to dismiss her as an Instagram celebrity who would quickly disappear, which doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon. 

With the magazine enjoying quite the buzz at the moment, we have to imagine there are other publications wondering how they can incorporate the Great One's daughter. 

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