John Cena Must Put over Bray Wyatt at Extreme Rules

Sharon GlencrossContributor IApril 15, 2014


At Extreme Rules next month, John Cena absolutely has to put over Bray Wyatt in their cage match.

Following Wyatt’s damaging WrestleMania loss, there is simply no other option. The company has to allow him to claw back some credibility and gain a strong victory over Cena at the IZOD center on May 4.

It might not build him back up as strongly as he once was, but a win will at least go some way to aiding his floundering stock in the company.


Per Monday’s Raw, Cena will take on his foe again, this time in a cage match. This is apparently to ensure Luke Harper and Erick Rowan don’t get involved, or something like that.

(Honestly, this excuse seems a bit flimsy. It wasn’t like Rowan and Harper’s interference stopped Cena from winning at WrestleMania, was it? This just sounds like WWE trying to give the match some extra novelty value.)

Sad to say, the once-promising Cena-Wyatt program has lost a lot of steam over the past couple of weeks.


That the former WWE champion was reduced to telling cheesy and sophomoric jokes to the Wyatt crew on Monday’s edition of the flagship show says it all.

Yes, creepy cult leader Bray was forced to stand in the ring as wannabe comedian Cena showed badly Photoshopped pictures and told jokes about drinking and MySpace.

This was about as entertaining as doing advanced algebra.

Man, could WWE sabotage Bray’s act anymore?

With this in mind, it might be better if the company ended the feud next month after Wyatt gets his win back. Before things get too ugly.

And the reasons for Cena losing should be clear to anyone with even a passing interest in WWE programming.

Besides giving Wyatt some credibility back, Cena has absolutely nothing to lose by jobbing to his foe in New Jersey. He’s invincible at this point. He could even lose clean at this point and it wouldn’t affect him one little bit.

Wyatt needs to win next month.
Wyatt needs to win next month.Credit:

But coming up short the second time in a row will cause devastating—and possibly unrepairable—harm to Wyatt’s WWE career.

Like Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger before him, the former NXT wrestler will likely be labelled as another failed experiment and sent crashing back to the midcard.

What a waste that would be.

Come on, at a time WWE is—both critically and commercially—booming, surely Vince McMahon can do better than that?

Ideally, Wyatt should have gone over at WrestleMania. But he didn’t, and WWE’s team of writers can’t go back in time and rectify their mistake. But what they can do is book Wyatt to win decisively at Extreme Rules.