John Daly Shows off Good Swing While Hitting Golf Ball Teed Up in Woman's Mouth

Kyle Newport@@KyleNewportFeatured ColumnistApril 15, 2014

via Telly Video

Being in the presence of a professional athlete will make some people do anything.

John Daly perfectly executed a risky shot recently and got it all on tape. In the video, a female agreed to put a tee in her mouth and let Daly hit a ball off it.

It was such a risky shot that he even warned viewers not to try it:

There was very little room for error, so the golfer had to make sure that he didn't miss. Check out the shot:

Daly came through in the clutch, but it was still a very risky move by the female. Earlier this year, we saw a similar shot end in a lawsuit after the stunt didn't go as planned.

[Instagram, John Daly; h/t USA TODAY's FTW]