Adam Wainwright and Trevor Rosenthal Destroy 'Frozen' Song for Charity

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Adam Wainwright is the Cardinals ace pitcher with a devastating curveball. Trevor Rosenthal is a closer with a fastball that reaches 100 mph. Together, they make for quite the tandem on the mound, but one awful duet on the karaoke stage. 

Yahoo Sports' Mike Oz spotted evidence that a couple of great arms don't fare so well with the pipes—at least when it comes to crooning a song from the hit movie Frozen

Several Cardinals players were singing for a great cause, as their wives put on the first "Homers for Health," which Fox 2 St. Louis reports "will benefit SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center."

For their part, Wainwright and Rosenthal (an actually decent band name) try their talent at Frozen's "Love is an Open Door."

If were wondering how it's supposed to sound like, here you go: We have to agree with For the Win's Ted Berg, who offers some choice advice for would-be karaoke singers:

Kudos to both, though, not just for being willing to embarrass themselves for charity, but also for not holding back in the duet. There’s really nothing worse than a karaoke singer who doesn’t own it. No matter your singing voice, the performance will always look better if you sing without shame.

The clip starts rather dull, with both pitchers working through some apparent nerves. Thankfully, both decide to let loose and belt out, "Love is an open door!"

From there, it's all wonderfully awful, including the acting job at the end. Does this mean that Rosenthal is now betrothed to Wainwright? Because if so, we need to set aside money for the wedding. Although, we don't think a Frozen song is legally binding. 

Fox 2 St. Louis' report states this is an event the Cardinals wives are hoping becomes an annual soiree. With pitchers forced to sing romantic anthems, others forced to rap and money being raised for a great cause, we have to assume we have the first of many "Homers for Health" shindigs. 

It always seems like the events that not only raise money but yield smiles are the ones that continue throughout the years. We only have to point to Shane Battier's "Battioke" for evidence. 

Bringing athletes together for a great cause is one thing, but making them sing horribly means we have a charitable event that has some staying power. Cardinals players will just have to get used to being humiliated at this time every year. 

Now hurry up, Disney, because we need some more material for next season. 

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