Kenarious Gates NFL Draft 2014: Highlights, Scouting Report and More

Alex DunlapContributor IApril 15, 2014

South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney (7) works against Georgia offensive tackle Kenarious Gates (72) during the first half of an NCAA football game, Saturday, Sept. 7, 2013, in Athens, Ga. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)
John Bazemore

Kenarious Gates, LT, Georgia, (HT: 6'5"; WT: 327 lbs)


NFL Comparison: Michael Bowie, OT, Seattle Seahawks


  • Clearly a very large prospect.
  • Sits in two-point stance at the edge of the offensive line, which makes him look like an easily identifiable monster.
  • Has long arms.
  • Good power in initial punchuses his size like a bully when he's in position to.
  • Flashes terrific feet through portions of games.
  • Has played at both the left tackle and left guard positions through the games evaluated.
  • Comes in with position versatility to play in either spot.
  • Clearly a smart prospect in the classroom, having rung up at least six notable academic scholarships and various honor roll appearances.
  • Part of an offense that ranked No. 2 in passing in the SEC and generated at least 23 points in 12 games and 400 yards in 12 games.
  • Tough player who appeared to be playing on a hurt ankle injured versus South Carolina for a good part of the early 2013 season.
  • According to the Sports XChange, Georgia head coach Mark Richt believed Gates gave the Bulldogs their best chance to win as the starting left tackle, saying, "He's the guy that gives us the best shot matching up out there with (Jadeveon Clowney)."


  • Consistently inconsistent in many facets of the game.
  • Stiff, stiff player with very little natural bend or flexibility.
  • At times can appear to be the single biggest liability on the entire Georgia offense.
  • Unbalanced and out of control.
  • Does not display particularly dominant power.
  • Very high center of gravity he has trouble keeping down.
  • Inconsistent motor. Shows good feet on one play and stands in cement on the next.
  • Fails to finish blocks well, even when starting in decent position.
  • Has major trouble getting to the second level at times.
  • Liability for holding calls due to frequently sloppy hand placement.
  • Doesn't play like an athlete who has a good understanding of leverage and positioning as it pertains to the play design.
  • Can appear completely lost when pulling into free space or taking off upfield on jailbreak-style screen concepts.
  • Does not show the ability to kick-slide smoothly.
  • Can get overextended forward when missing his target on home run chest-punch attempts.
  • Unwieldy with poor fundamentals through spells of games as a pass protector. Gives up an alarming amount of disruption to the defense in terms of QB pressures.
  • Appears to lack above-average leg drive and functional lower-body strength.
  • Had an absolutely brutal 2013 game versus Missouri's talented edge threats.


Personal Notes (via Georgia Athletic Department)

  • Full name: Kenarious Gates.
  • Born Oct. 24, 1991.
  • Major: Management.
  • Three-time recipient of the Peter and Kay Amann Football Scholarship.
  • Played basketball in high school.


Ratings Chart

Grades by Alex Dunlap



Kenarious Gates is a prospect with whom evaluators will have trouble finding many positives at this point his development.

Aside from his size, which can act as a hindrance to fundamental play when the prospect cannot bend well or get his pads down, Gates is not above average in any measure of athletic attributes we typically look for.

Gates has inconsistent feet and flashes rarely in the run game. He is a liability in the pass game and is too stiff to set or even redirect properly when faced with outside threats. His lateral agility is below average and his balance is among the worst functionally of all 2014 offensive line prospects eligible for the NFL draft studied thus far.

Gates has a sputtering motor, lacks quickness and generates nowhere near the power in any aspect that one expects out of a prospect of his physical makeup.

NFL teams will not worry about whether Gates will come in ready to start in 2014 or even provide proven depth. Their primary concern will be whether this prospect is even draftable.


Draft Projection

Undrafted free agent.