Morrison Vs. Edge: An Epic Rivalry in the Making

Tommy CochranCorrespondent IJune 19, 2009

Tonight, I watched a match that I didn't know I wanted to see, but when I heard about it and I saw it with my own eyes, I am desperate for more.

John Morrison and Edge just put on one hell of a match on Smackdown. They just clicked on all cylinders together.

Do you know those rivalries where the two guys just seem to click? That's Edge and John Morrison in a nutshell.

The WWE needs to capitalize on this match and make this a rivalry immediately. This rivalry has multitudes of ways it will help people:

  • For Morrison: this will be his breakout rivalry. Every wrestler had that "one match" or "one rivalry" that cemented their main event status. This is Morrison's. Let their be no doubt; WWE is pushing Morrison. You don't get to be in the opening shoot before every show without impressing Vince. Morrison is definitely a legit star. He's got everything needed to be a face of this company for years to come. All he needs is a rivalry to put him over.
  • For Edge: nothing is more important for him now than to see what he is able to do without the World Title. Not enough people focus on this little tidbit, but don't doubt for one second that this isn't an important step in Edge's career. While it may be difficult to be in World Title matches, there is a level of intensity the competitors in that match bring. Edge has been nothing short of outstanding in title matches, but can he still keep that same drive and intensity when it's not for a title?
  • For the WWE: the company has got to build younger stars. More than half of their main-eventers are either in their late thirties to early forties. That's not a good thing. If the WWE doesn't do all they can to get the younger people (like Morrison, Orton, Punk, Benjamin, etc.) into the main event, then their fate will be WCW's. Make no mistake, what killed WCW was their lack of pushing younger wrestlers. The WWE must get Morrison over now to help them in the long run.

Everything I've seen from Morrison, from his mic work to his move arsenal, this guy has the "it" factor and I truly believe he is a legend in the making.

For Edge, I have no doubts that he can do just as good without the title now than with it. These two are hard workers and if the WWE gives us this rivalry, it will be epic.