FIFA World Cup 2014: Exclusive Interview with Lead Producer Matt Prior

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIIApril 15, 2014

On Tuesday, April 15, FIFA World Cup 2014 was released for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

Some might wonder whether it is a full world football gaming experience or just FIFA 14.5.

With the game only releasing for the current-generation systems and neither of the next-gen systems, it may not be the easiest sale to fans who have already upgraded their consoles.

After speaking with the game’s lead producer Matt Prior and playing the demo for the last few days, I can emphatically say this is an individual and complete gaming experience.

FIFA WC 2014 has a plethora of game modes. Some of them are old favorites that you’ve grown used to from the normal FIFA series, and others are unique to the FIFA World Cup series.

Through playing the game, one can almost immediately feel that this game is more responsive than FIFA 14. It plays faster, and goalkeepers are naturally smarter.

There’s more control over passing—whether it’s as a winger, in-fielder, defenseman or keeper. The level of control gamers can enjoy with this game takes a little getting used to.

But it's ultimately a positive step for the franchise.

Prior and I talked about that, and how the gameplay changes might impact the FIFA series moving forward.

Graphically, I’m not sure if the series can deliver brighter and more vivid visuals on the Xbox 360 or PS3. Fans of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions shouldn’t feel too cheated by the graphics here.

Perhaps most important, Prior and I talked about the atmospherical details the game delivers.

Everything about the game’s presentation says Brazil, which is appropriate considering it is the host country for the event. There’s much to discuss, and Prior thankfully doesn’t hold back any information.

Take a listen to the interview. The video playing is from three separate games played on the demo version. It should add a visual aid for the details discussed in the interview.

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