NBA Playoffs 2014: Updated Championship Odds and Full Postseason Predictions

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NBA Playoffs 2014: Updated Championship Odds and Full Postseason Predictions

The 2014 NBA postseason is swiftly moving upon us.

After a long, arduous road throughout the regular season, many teams have already cliched a berth in the playoffs. Others were not so fortunate as plenty more were already eliminated.

A few teams within the postseason ranks are still jockeying for position as higher-seeded teams generally yield better results.

Even though we aren't 100 percent certain how each team will be seeded, it's never too early to dish out some predictions.

Oddsmakers have already been hard at work—championship odds are already available for playoff-bound teams. Here's a look:

2014 NBA Championship Odds
Team 5 Dimes Bovada Top Bet
Atlanta Hawks +25000 +25000 +25000
Charlotte Bobcats +27500 +25000 +15000
Chicago Bulls +5000 +4000 +3500
Dallas Mavericks +8000 +6600 +8000
Golden State Warriors +2800 +2800 +4000
Houston Rockets +1800 +2000 +2200
Indiana Pacers +650 +600 +750
LA Clippers +825 +800 +1200
Memphis Grizzlies +10000 +6600 +6000
Miami Heat +180 +200 +225
Brooklyn Nets +3000 +2800 +2200
Oklahoma City Thunder +415 +450 +375
Phoenix Suns +15000 +15000 +15000
Portland Trail Blazers +3500 +4000 +4500
San Antonio Spurs +390 +300 +250
Toronto Raptors +6600 +6600 +8000
Washington Wizards +15000 +15000 +10000

Some of these lines may come as a surprise, but nonetheless, that's how Las Vegas sees it.

Taking into account what we already know and considering the aforementioned odds, let's take a crack at determining which teams will enter the playoffs and how the entire postseason will eventually shake out.

Postseason Seeding Predictions

Danny Moloshok

It's a pretty tight race right now with several teams fighting for position. Taking each team's remaining schedule into consideration, we really shouldn't see much movement in the current standings.

2014 NBA Postseason Seeding Predictions
Seed Team
1 San Antonio Spurs
2 Oklahoma City Thunder
3 Los Angeles Clippers
4 Houston Rockets
5 Portland Trailblazers
6 Golden State Warriors
7 Dallas Mavericks
8 Memphis Grizzlies
1 Indiana Pacers
2 Miami Heat
3 Toronto Raptors
4 Chicago Bulls
5 Brooklyn Nets
6 Washington Wizards
7 Charlotte Bobcats
8 Atlanta Hawks

Sean O'Donnell's Predictions

Round 1 Predictions

John Amis

The top-seeded teams are in prime position for a reason: They've been the league's best all season long. That won't change in Round 1 as all teams seeded No. 3 and higher advance with ease.

No. 4 seeds aren't so lucky—especially in the case of the Chicago Bulls. The Brooklyn Nets have been surging as of late, and the Bulls are catching them at the wrong time. This will lead to the upset victory of Round 1.

2014 NBA Playoffs Round 1 Predictions
Matchup Pick
Spurs vs. Grizzlies Spurs
Rockets vs. Trailblazers Rockets
Thunder vs. Mavericks Thunder
Clippers vs. Warriors Clippers
Pacers vs. Hawks Pacers
Bulls vs. Nets Nets
Heat vs. Bobcats Heat
Raptors vs. Wizards Raptors

Sean O'Donnell's Predictions

Quarterfinals Predictions

Jesse D. Garrabrant/Getty Images

In the West, the Spurs continue to roll along. It's almost inconceivable any team would be able to take them down at this point. Expect a highly entertaining contest between the Thunder and the Clippers. This one will come down to the wire, but Kevin Durant and Co. get the nod.

Down go the Pacers on the East side of the bracket. This team hasn't looked sharp lately, and like the Bulls, they are catching the Nets at the wrong time.

Surprisingly enough, the relentless Raptors take down the Heat. It's all about health deep in the playoffs, and Miami had a tough time keeping its starters on the court. The Raptors take advantage.

2014 NBA Playoffs Quarterfinals Predictions
Matchup Pick
Spurs vs. Rockets Spurs
Thunder vs. Clippers Thunder
Pacers vs. Nets Nets
Heat vs. Raptors Raptors

Sean O'Donnell's Predictions

Semifinals Predictions

Ron Turenne/Getty Images

A classic No. 1 versus No. 2 matchup takes place in the West. Expect the Spurs and Thunder to duke it out in a big way. However, the most efficient, well-rounded team gets the win here as Oklahoma City doesn't have enough defensive prowess to stop San Antonio.

It really shouldn't come as much of a surprise that a No. 3 seed and No. 5 seed from the East are battling it out for a spot in the championship. In this case, the Nets' hot streak comes to an end as a Toronto team that has jelled very nicely late in the season continues to pour it on.

2014 NBA Playoffs Semifinals Predictions
Matchup Pick
Spurs vs. Thunder Spurs
Raptors vs. Nets Raptors

Sean O'Donnell's Predictions


Finals Prediction

D. Clarke Evans/Getty Images

Now, we arrive at the finals.

It's an interesting matchup between the Spurs and Raptors as each team is full of depth and plays well as a unit. This could very well go to seven games due to each team's prowess at home.

It will be San Antonio taking it all here, though. This team is simply too good to keep pace with over such a long stretch, and home-court advantage will help the Spurs secure the title.

2014 NBA Finals Prediction
Matchup Pick
Spurs vs. Raptors Spurs

Sean O'Donnell's Prediction

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