Manchester City Supporters' Bus Attacked at Anfield: Latest Photos and Comments

Matt JonesFeatured ColumnistApril 14, 2014

BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND - AUGUST 12:  Manchester City fans do the Poznan celebration during the FA Community Shield match between Manchester City and Chelsea at Villa Park on August 12, 2012 in Birmingham, England.  (Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images)
Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

A group of Manchester City supporters were left “severely shaken” as a their minibus was targeted with bricks and stones on their way to their side’s title showdown at Anfield, reports suggest.

According to Graeme Yorke of the Mail Online, none of the supporters on board were severely injured, but a window on the bus was smashed as it was apparently targeted by “youths.”  

The Manchester Evening News’ Mike Keegan tweeted a picture of the damage sustained by the bus:

Stewart Greatbank is a Manchester City supporter who was on the minibus at the time of the alleged attack, and he spoke how the incident shook up a lot of the younger supporters who were on board, courtesy of Yorke:

A window was hit and smashed, with a 15-year-old lad sitting right by it.

They seemed pretty shaken - the older ones were OK because they’ve been to plenty of away matches but the younger ones were shocked.

Sim Parrott, another City supporter who was on board, attributed the damage to “mindless teenagers” and said, according to Yorke, he was “gutted” about the incident.

Merseyside police have yet to comment on the alleged attack, but it's something that'll certainly raise concerns with supporters travelling to Anfield in the coming weeks. A host of Liverpool supporters arrived at the stadium early to give extra support to their team and subsequently there was a much bigger police presence in and around Anfield. The fact that this incident still occurred in spite of that is certainly a worry.

In truth, this was a minor blemish on a day of impeccable support from both sets of supporters. Liverpool and Manchester City both paid classy and poignant tribute to the victims of the Hillsborough disaster prior to the game at Anfield; the 25th anniversary of the tragedy will be on Tuesday 15 April.