WWE Extreme Rules 2014: Biggest X-Factors to Watch at Massive PPV

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistApril 14, 2014

WWE Extreme Rules 2014: Biggest X-Factors to Watch at Massive PPV

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    Extreme Rules. A pay-per-view that promises plenty even by just saying the name. It is a show that should provide plenty of intrigue, given the plethora of stipulations we will no doubt see.

    However, just as there is with every other show the WWE produces, there are certain things to watch out for.

    That could be the performance of an emerging star or the genuine possibility of a title change. It could even be a huge swerve that has a lasting impact on the company for months to come.

    Extreme Rules will have plenty of X-factors attached to it. Let's take a look at the biggest ones to watch out for.

A New Intercontinental Champion Will Be Born

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    Prediction time: There will be a title change of some significance at Extreme Rules.

    That change is most likely going to come at the expense of Big E, as he will drop the WWE Intercontinental Championship at Extreme Rules.

    He has been a decent champion—or at least he was in the beginning—but the whole thing seems to have gone a bit stale for Big E, unfortunately.

    There are a whole host of guys ready to take the belt from him and hopefully restore the prestige and pride in the belt.

    Chief amongst them is Alberto Del Rio, who is fresh off the back of a strong showing in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania XXX.

    If the belt is finally defended at Extreme Rules, it could be the end of the road for Big E's reign as champion.

Seth Rollins' Performance

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    Extreme Rules will suit Seth Rollins down to the ground. When The Shield does battle in its match at the show—regardless of the opponent—there will be plenty of hype surrounding it.

    And the approach Rollins brings to the ring will see him potentially stealing the entire show. All three members of the group are going pretty well, but Rollins is starting to excel.

    He is fast becoming the shining light of the group, and Extreme Rules will only confirm that even more. He has been putting in some remarkably exciting performances of late, and a pay-per-view will give him a huge opportunity to do so again.

    Seth Rollins is without doubt one of the biggest X-factors when it comes to Extreme Rules 2014.

Triple H and Daniel Bryan's Amazing Feud

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    It's rare that a rivalry can last almost an entire year yet still be compelling. However, Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H continues to keep us guessing.

    And in all fairness, credit has to go to Triple H. Often criticized by wrestling fans, he played a huge role in what was an outstanding match at WrestleMania XXX.

    He and Daniel Bryan pushed themselves to the limit, and he even played a neat role in the main event, where he was ultimately outfoxed by the ultra-popular Bryan.

    At Extreme Rules, this exciting feud is going to continue, but it will again have an interesting twist. Will it be Evolution vs. The Shield? Or will it be Bryan vs. Triple H for the title?

    That will all become clearer in the coming days and weeks. However, one thing is certain: Bryan and Triple H will be at loggerheads once again.

The Rarity of Extremity

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    It's not often in this PG Era we get to see some matches with genuine extremity attached to them. These days, if you want to see truly extreme WWE battles, you have to search online to find some from the archives.

    However, with the likes of Bray Wyatt (more on him in a moment) and Daniel Bryan on the card, Extreme Rules should be a pretty exciting event.

    If the stipulations are done correctly, then it promises to be a fascinating pay-per-view. Hopefully, there will be some drama to go alongside the extremity, too.

    It will be a welcome sight for those of us who grew up in the Attitude Era.

Bray Wyatt Unchained

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    As mentioned, the fact Bray Wyatt is on the card makes for a great occasion at Extreme Rules.

    He has been growing day by day and is now getting to the point where he could be considered the WWE's top heel.

    What is so good about Wyatt is that he is different from any other heel the company has. He is twisted, bizarre and demonic. You don't know what his next move will be—that can only be a good thing.

    At Extreme Rules, we will hopefully see Wyatt more extreme and unchained than we ever have done before. If he fights John Cena, the two men will take each other to the limit in a match that will no doubt have stipulations attached to it.

    Bray Wyatt unleashed is something that will only be positive for Extreme Rules and the WWE as a whole.