Fabio Borini Licks Picture of Girlfriend Erin O'Neill on Television

Mark PattersonUK Staff WriterApril 14, 2014


Fabio Borini was watching the television when a picture of his girlfriend, Erin O'Neill, appeared on screen—so he decided to both lick the monitor and take a picture of him doing so for Twitter:

Watching The games today and Saw my love @Erin_ONeill_Xo for @Swimwear365 😜❤️👍👏 pic.twitter.com/J4kN9zBi2d

— fabio borini (@borinifabio29) April 13, 2014

Borini, currently on loan at Sunderland from Liverpool, also retweeted several of her tweets and pictures from the evening. He was clearly missing O'Neill.

The pair appear a lot together on Twitter, but licking the television screen is bizarre new territory.

@ellieannexox: Cutest couple ever omg👫😍🙈 #cutestcouple @borinifabio29 @Erin_ONeill_Xo pic.twitter.com/4Ey1wzvoL0

— Erin O'Neill (@Erin_ONeill_Xo) April 10, 2014