Rooney Scholes, 3, Can't Have Name on Easter Egg Because of Copyright Breach

Mark PattersonUK Staff WriterApril 14, 2014


A three-year-old boy named after Wayne Rooney was apparently denied an Easter egg with his name on it because staff feared "copyright issues."

According to the Manchester Evening News, the boy's mother wanted just "Rooney" on the Thornton's egg in Bury, but her request was turned down.

As a compromise, they printed his full name—which has even more of a Manchester United flavour, given his surname is Scholes.

Three-year-old Rooney Scholes is refused personalised Easter egg for 'copyright reasons'

— ITV News (@itvnews) April 14, 2014

His mother, Jo-anne, told the paper:

It’s just pathetic that they wouldn’t let a child have his name on an Easter egg for fear of upsetting Wayne Rooney. I can’t imagine Wayne Rooney would care less.

It’s just nonsense anyway. Rooney is his name, does that mean he’s not allowed to have his name on anything because he shares it with a famous footballer?

It’s really annoying because it turned what was meant to be a nice, personal gift into something which looked really impersonal and just a bit silly really.

In addition to the remarkably named Rooney Scholes, the boy has a brother named Anderson—although that was not a homage to the ex-United midfielder, as he was born before the Brazilian's Old Trafford arrival in 2007.

She also has two cats named Cantona and Berbatov.

Why Rooney? Scholes' mother said:

He’s been my favourite player for years just because of his style of play and the way he carries the team.

I had a couple of nervy moments when it looked like Wayne might be off to Chelsea in the summer but thankfully he stayed where he belongs.

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