Could Peppers and Marshall Trade Places?

Bret ArmstrongAnalyst IJune 19, 2009

CHARLOTTE, NC - DECEMBER 14:  Julius Peppers #90 of the Carolina Panthers waits for the Denver Broncos offense during their game at Bank of America Stadium on December 14, 2008 in Charlotte, North Carolina  (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

I was reading an article by Espn's Bill Williamson today called "Potential landing spots for Marshall." I noticed that one potential team was left off this list, because everyone is thinking draft picks and other wide receivers via this "potential trading" of Brandon Marshall.

Well I had a crazy thought. Julius Peppers reportedly wants out of Carolina. Brandon Marshall reportedly wants out of Denver. Denver needs help in the front seven. Carolina needs a receiver to take pressure off Steve Smith's side of the ball.

Julius Peppers for Brandon Marshall, straight up, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. This trade definitely works for both teams in a major way. And that is no joke.

For Denver, it gives them that front seven presence that they are currently lacking. Peppers is a player that other teams have to game plan for. He wants to try his hand at outside linebacker. Which would work well with Denver converting to the 3-4 defense.

Peppers could also play as a down lineman in goaline situations. Denver would also save some face. Their off season has not exactly been one that the fans want to remember, or one that is making the Broncos fans look forward to the season.

For Carolina, Marshall provides another viable receiving threat that teams need to pay attention to. Steve Smith is a great wide out, no doubt about it. Hands down one of the top three in the league. But, he's not a magician. He cannot preform miracles, even he cannot get open in triple coverage. Granted Dwayne Jarrett is a guy they are high on, but he is not the presence that Brandon Marshall is.

With Muhammed on his last legs, bringing in Marshall would open up the passing playbook, and create more holes for those two above average halfbacks they have in Panther land. It gives Jake Delhomme another option to look at when Smith is covered, and would allow for Muhammed to go out on top, because they would most certainly be a contender on offense.

Though Carolina's defense would suffer because of it, it would not be a major loss for them, since Peppers is not signing his franchise tenure. I don't expect him to either. Carolina also drafted DE Everette Brown with their top pick in the draft.

With the loss of Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall, Denver should definitely have room in the budget to do something that Carolina apparently doesn't want to do which is get Peppers signed up long term. Also, Carolina could  send Peppers clear out of the conference so they wouldn't have to worry about playing against him.

Denver's offense would be on the outs as well with Marshall gone. However, owner Pat Bowlen has shown that he is not one for major headaches which is what Marshall is turning into. On the verge of a suspension from the league, and causing conflict with his current contract.

Plus, Denver is rebuilding anyway, so if they could get Peppers teamed up with Brian Dawkins on defense it would be a huge plus. Like Carolina, to do the trade would get Brandon Marshall clear out of the conference, like the Chiefs did with Tony Gonzalez.

This deal is too good for both teams to ever happen. I just had a crazy thought I wanted to share. Drop me a line and let me know what you think. Don't expect the unexpected on this one. I hate to even plant the seed since I'm an Oakland fan.