Three Seahawks Who Don't Have Much Time Left

Ryan McCarvilleContributor IJune 19, 2009

CHARLOTTE, NC - DECEMBER 16:  Walter Jones #71 of the Seattle Seahawks attempts to block Mike Rucker #93 of the Carolina Panthers during the second half at Bank of America Stadium on December 16, 2007 in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Carolina defeated Seattle 13-10.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Patrick Kerney, Matt Hasselbeck, and Walter Jones all have many things in common; they are all Pro-Bowl caliber players and have the potential to take over games and have shown it with their skill and presence. But these players are also nearing the end of their professional playing careers and within two years all of the players listed above will have retired from football.

Last season Hasselbeck and Kerney only played in seven games, Jones had started 12. If you look at the production that Kerney gave the Seahawks while he was still in commission in 2008 with five sacks, you can see that he still has the motor and tenacity to play on a defensive line that last year was full of disappointments. That being said age has definitely token a toll on the standout from Virginia and once he falls again it is safe to say that he wont be getting back up. For the 2009 season Kerney will have to accomplish what he set out to do when he first arrived from Atlanta with the aspiration of winning a championship, because this may be his last chance.

In the 2008 Thanksgiving game against the Dallas Cowboys, Matt Hasselbeck was sacked seven times, three of them courtesy of DeMarcus Ware and took so many hits that after that game he would not dress for anymore games in the '08 season. But even when the ever elusive Seneca Wallace was placed in as the starter for the rest of the season pressure continued to come and hits on Seahawk quarterbacks continued to happen. In short Hasselbeck's ten year career and 248 sack count has done a number on his body and within the next two years there is a strong chance that Matt Hasselbeck takes his last snaps under center.

With regards to the number of sacks and pressure on the quarterback last year, the only place to look would be the offensive line for the Seahawks. At the beginning of the year the line consisted of many veteran-like savvy players such as Mike Whale and Sean Locklear, but none of those players were at the pedigree of the left tackle Walter Jones. When Jones was drafted in the first round by the Seahawks in 1997 he brought an immediate impact and has anchored the line for about thirteen years now. Although it has been said that his eventual replacement Sean Locklear will fill in "just fine" it will shock many people to see the number of blind-side hits that future Seahawk Qb's will take, because of the job that the future Hall of Famer Jones did.

In conclusion this is very likely the last year all of these superior players will take the field with each other and could likely be the best chance this team has to win a championship for some years to come.