Lewis Hamilton: Winning in F1 with a Tongue Stuck Down Your Throat.

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Lewis Hamilton: Winning in F1 with a Tongue Stuck Down Your Throat.
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It's practice time in the British GP, and all drivers and their teams are hard at work trying to get their cars set-up for Sunday's race.

Well, just about everyone, an ex-champion is sitting in his race car, I see a lady leaning on the driver, actually helmet to face.

It looked like a tender moment, God bless their loving little hearts, but actually the tender moment was happening as the practice time was running out.

Mr. Hamilton's father grabbed the girl by her arm, and with a smile, pulled her away from Lewis's face.

I could later see a crew menber wiping Lewis Hamilton's helmet, I guess it was all steamed up, and who can blame him, that lady is hot.

Now, I'm going to put myself in the shoes of a team principal.

I've got a driver who I'm paying millions of dollars for, a driver who is driving the best equipment I have to offer, who I expect to give me, at least while he is in the track, 110 percent. Agree? 

His father has to pull his girl friend away from his Kissie Kissie face as practice time is running out, are you kidding me?

Am I missing something? Is this what F1 has come to?

I understand there are always wives and girlfriends hanging around in racing, but I have never seen them kissing up in a NASCAR garage.

Maybe before or after the race, but never when these teams are working to get the business of racing done.

Imagine your wife or girlfiend comming during working hours to play kiss face with you, what would your boss say? Will he think you're focusing on doing the job they pay you to do? Hell no!

A quote from a previous article I wrote about F1:

"F1 has become a bunch of very rich young drivers, who probably don't want to make any waves. They just want to find a comfortable place on the track to take their Sunday drive (just to drive, no racing!) and then go back to their villa and have a vintage wine and cheese with their beautiful ladies."

This quote certainly looks to be true, with one exception, their beautiful ladies are now helping with the race car set-up.

Could all this lack of concentration have anything to do with his place in  the standings? Uhh maybe.

Just as a referance piece, here are the 2009 driver standings:

Grand PrixDateTeamGridRace PositionPointsTotal
Australian 29 Mar 2009 McLaren-Mercedes 18 DSQ 0 0
Malaysian 05 Apr 2009 McLaren-Mercedes 12 7 1 1
Chinese 19 Apr 2009 McLaren-Mercedes 9 6 3 4
Bahrain 26 Apr 2009 McLaren-Mercedes 5 4 5 9
Spanish 10 May 2009 McLaren-Mercedes 14 9 0 9
Monaco 24 May 2009 McLaren-Mercedes 20 12 0 9
Turkish 07 Jun 2009 McLaren-Mercedes 16 13 0


In my humble opinion, Lewis Hamilton's head is somewhere else, and is obviously not in racing in the most exclusive series in the world.
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