TNA World Cup of Wrestling 2014 Spoilers: Complete Results and Analysis

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistApril 13, 2014


TNA’s One Night Only pay-per-view format continues with the 2014 edition of the World Cup of Wrestling from Universal Studios in Orlando, Fla. The concept is unique and timely considering the excitement surrounding this year's FIFA World Cup, but it has an interesting twist.

Four captains were chosen to lead teams in a World Cup-style tournament—Eric Young, Kurt Angle, Ethan Carter III and Bobby Roode—and the rosters were selected in a fantasy draft style that fans from all generations should enjoy.

After a group qualifying round that featured eight matches, the two teams with the most victories advanced to a final one-on-one series. Team Eric Young and Team Ethan Carter made it to a final that featured nine matches to eventually determine the World Cup of Wrestling winner.

With Young winning the TNA World Heavyweight Championship on the April 10 episode of Impact Wrestling, it shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone that his team was victorious at this PPV event.


2014 TNA World Cup of Wrestling Spoilers
TNA World Cup Draft
Team CaptainsPick No. 1Pick No. 2Pick No. 3Pick No. 4
Eric YoungBully RayEddie EdwardsODBGunner
Kurt AngleDavey RichardsMr. AndersonSanada Madison Rayne
Ethan Carter IIIJessie GoddersRobbie EMagnusGail Kim
Bobby RoodeJames StormKenny KingSamuel ShawBeautiful People
Qualifying Matches
Eddie EdwardsTeam YoungdefeatedJames StormTeam Roode
The BromansTeam CarterdefeatedMr. Anderson and SanadaTeam Angle
Gail KimTeam CarterdefeatedMadison RayneTeam Angle
Eric YoungTeam YoungdefeatedBobby RoodeTeam Roode
Kurt AngleTeam AngledefeatedMagnusTeam Carter
Angelina LoveTeam RoodedefeatedODBTeam Young
Ethan Carter III Team CarterdefeatedDavey RichardsTeam Angle
Gunner and Bully Ray Team YoungdefeatedSamuel Shaw and Kenny KingTeam Roode
World Cup Finals
ODBTeam YoungdefeatedGail KimTeam Carter
Robbie ETeam CarterdefeatedODBTeam Young
The Bromans Team CarterdefeatedEddie EdwardsTeam Young
Bully RayTeam YoungdefeatedJessie GoddarzTeam Carter
Robbie ETeam CarterdefeatedBully RayTeam Young
GunnerTeam YoungdefeatedRobbie ETeam Carter
MagnusTeam CarterdefeatedGunnerTeam Young
Eric YoungTeam YoungdefeatedEthan CarterTeam Carter
Eric YoungTeam YoungdefeatedMagnusTeam Carter

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Breaking Down TNA’s World Cup of Wrestling

There have been many different TNA One Night Only PPVs over the last two years, but one of the most interesting concepts thus far has been the World Cup of Wrestling.

After taking a global approach during the 2013 edition of the show, TNA handled the booking of this event in a much different way. After picking the four captains, the company held a fantasy draft.

In a world where fantasy sports are a big part of the mainstream now, the idea of wrestlers picking from the roster and building teams to compete against each other is an interesting and timely concept.

While the tournament could have featured only singles wrestlers, the addition of women to the draft and tag teams will make this a show that satisfies all types of wrestling fans with fast-paced action. With almost 20 matches over the course of the PPV, there won’t be a second of down time.

The qualifying matches incorporated the group-stage concept of the World Cup into the wrestling world in a creative way. Just as it did last year, this round gave several fresh faces a chance to shine while forcing several top stars to go home early.

Once it was clear that the final was going to be Team Young vs. Team Carter, the storyline implications following Young’s championship victory made perfect storyline sense.

Eric Young is now the world champion, but his character has never been portrayed as a main event talent until recently. The key for Impact Wrestling and the legitimacy of the champion is booking him incredibly strong moving forward.

That includes winning the World Cup of Wrestling.

After what should be an interesting series of battles between the two teams in the finals, the last match to decide the championship was between Young and former champion Magnus. With both men embroiled in a fierce battle on the weekly television programming, this is a logical booking decision.

With this PPV airing later this year, the question will be whether this storyline is still relevant when it is available for purchase.


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