MLB's Bigger Dirtball: Roger Clemens or Jose Canseco?

William KunkelCorrespondent IApril 28, 2008

Jose Canseco said this was going to happen, but nobody listened.

First, Canseco mentioned that Clemens was one of the few players that did not use steroids, and I think we all know how that worked out...Not so well for Rog.

Now, to the most current prediction made by Jose Canseco. After reading this quote from his first book, could it be more obvious that Canseco was paid off to say these things about Roger Clemens? This quote comes out of ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE, completely out of left field. There is no transition or anything, after all how can there be?

"Here’s something you probably don’t know about Roger Clemens: He’s one of the very few baseball players I know who never cheated on his wife. I was amazed by him, to be honest. His wife should be very proud of him. You see all these other guys—oh, my god, every chance they got, they would be hitting the strip clubs. They would have extra girls staying in the team hotel, one room over from their wives, so they could go back and forth from room to room if they wanted. They would have their choice of women in damn near every city imaginable."

Really? How much did it take for Canseco to say this about "Roger the Rat"? I wonder if it was the same amount he offered to take from Magglio Ordonez to say that he was not a steroid user? 

People continue to give credit to Canseco because certain things that he said in his first book turned out to be true. This is the same guy that claims to have ran a 3.9 40 yard dash on steroids!  

So you are the fastest person ever, yet you managed to only steal a high of 40 bases in 1988? Interesting. Now, he is clearly being paid off to lie for other players.  Let's stop giving this guy credit for being creditable, he and Roger Clemens are the biggest dirtballs in the sports world.