TUF Nations Finale: 5 Reasons to Watch

Riley Kontek@@BigRIlesMMAFeatured ColumnistApril 14, 2014

TUF Nations Finale: 5 Reasons to Watch

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    David Becker

    Wednesday presents a special day in the UFC, with The Ultimate Fighter Nations Finale taking place in Quebec. Headlined by Michael Bisping and Tim Kennedy, it promises to be a fun event with some entertaining bouts.

    Not only will we crown two TUF champions, but the coaches will square off. In addition, Bisping and Kennedy are set to make their beef physical after exchanging verbal volleys with one another.

    Need five reasons to watch this fight card? This is the article for you. Here are some of the reasons you should watch. 

The Talking Is Over

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    Gregory Payan

    Michael Bisping is a known blowhard. Tim Kennedy has recently become an impressive trash talker. These two were bound to gravitate toward one another.

    It started a while back. Kennedy is one of many to have called out the brash Brit. It has continued all the way up to the impending fight Wednesday.

    These two have created interest in this fight. There is a real grudge between them, which always makes for a more intriguing bout.

    Don't expect a touch of the gloves or a pint of Guinness afterward. These guys truly dislike each other and it will show in the cage. 

Coaches Fight It Out

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    Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

    As tradition goes, the coaches of TUF are set to meet at the conclusion of the season. In this case, that means Kyle Noke and Patrick Cote will fight in the co-main event.

    The coaches are not bitter rivals. In fact, unlike Bisping and Kennedy, I doubt they have an ill word to hurl at one another.

    With that being said, Cote is a tough-as-nails brawler who is rarely in a boring bout. Noke always brings toughness and skill to the cage, too. That's a formula for a fun fight.

    Sure, neither man is near the title right now. That doesn't mean they can't have a great fight, though. 

Two New TUF Champions Crowned

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    This season of TUF was immensely underrated. It obviously didn't set any viewing records for the show, but there has actually been some real good talent to pass through, especially on the Canadian side of things.

    In the middleweight division, Elias Theodorou takes on Sheldon Westcott, a normal welterweight. Both guys could have arguably been in the UFC before this season, and they proved that they were elite among the cast.

    The welterweight showdown will be between two normal lightweights in Chad Laprise and Olivier Aubin-Mercier. It is a stark contrast of styles, which will certainly make for an interesting chess match.

    Whoever wins or loses matters not, other than the fact that two fighters will be in a far better position than before. Just know that we have restocked the Canadian talent in the UFC with four guys who could be staples of the UFC for years to come. 

Kaufman-Smith Revisited

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    Didn't see Sarah Kaufman and Leslie Smith's first fight? You're in luck—we have the video for you here!

    Kaufman struggled to keep a solid opponent before this fight. Shayna Baszler and Amanda Nunes were set to meet her, but Smith eventually saved the fight and will give us another great show.

    If this fight is even a fraction of what the first bout was, it will be a Fight of the Night contender. I expect that, especially considering Smith's track record.

    The rest you need to know is in the video. It should speak for itself. 

Lead in to TUF 19

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    Is over six hours of UFC action not enough?

    If not, you're in luck againthe two-hour season premiere of TUF 19 will follow the event.

    The new season is coached by rivals Frankie Edgar and BJ Penn. They will guide a cast of light heavyweights and middleweights who will compete for a six-figure UFC contract.

    The two hours will feature all of the elimination fights, which will see the fighters compete to get into the house. There are some big names on the cast as well, including Cathal Pendred, Dhiego Lima and Lyman Good.

    So, strap in for another season. That is, of course, if you don't have an MMA overload by then.