Plain and Simple: Bench Matsui

william beovichContributor IJune 19, 2009

NEW YORK - JUNE 18:  Hideki Matsui #55 of the New York Yankees reacts after striking out with men on base against the Washington Nationals during their game on June 18, 2009 at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx Borough of New York City.  (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

Everyone is talking about the struggles of Alex Rodriguez and what to do about him. I'm more worried about another part of the lineup...... Hideki Matsui.

Matsui is currently batting .249 with 10 homeruns and 28 RBI's and an OBP of .344. That just isn't cutting it. So I'm suggesting this for manager Joe Girardi.... bench the FORMER slugger.

Every night now we have to watch Matsui just take AWFUL hacks at balls, last night in a crucial part in the game he chased a ball that was no where close to the plate, eventually killing any rally the Yankees had in the inning.

All a pitcher has to do to get Matsui out is throw an average pitch on the outside corner, because all he will do is roll it over to the right side and that is it.

What I think should be done is this, keep Damon in left, move Melky to right, start Gardner in center and DH Swisher. This will do many things for the Yankees both offensively and defensively.

First, it adds a lot more speed to the outfield and to the lineup. With Gardner, Damon and Melky in the outfield the three of them will cover a lot of ground.

What it also does is add Gardner's great speed to the lineup, and Gardner has been hitting much better of late. Gardner is by far the best stealer on the team and if you bat him 9th, you have the opportunity to put great speed on for the top of the order.

Gardner leads the team in stolen bases in about half of the at bats as the guys who are playing everyday.

Here is my proposed lineup:

  1. Jeter
  2. Damon
  3. Tex
  4. Arod
  5. Cano
  6. Posada
  7. Swisher
  8. Melky
  9. Gardner

The decision comes down to pretty much Matsui's occasional three run homerun, or Brett Gardner's good defense and great speed on the bases. Although it may not be a smart decision in terms of salary..... it could be the right one in terms of winning games.