Tommy Dreamer: ECW Champion Still on the Path of Success in the WWE

vincent Mc CaffertyContributor IJune 19, 2009

Tommy Dreamer, the "innovator of Violence," with one day extra on his contract, in Extreme Rules because of Tiffany's decision to make "The All American American" Jack Swagger with former ECW champion Christian giving Tommy Dreamer the opportunity.

Tommy Dreamer took the opportunity to go in one of my favourite stipulations triple threat. Tommy Dreamer has great respect for Christian so obviously Jack Swagger didn't stand a chance.

Christian also was out of the picture because this stipulation has Tommy Dreamer had his career on the line was defiantly going to win and climb to the top of the mountain and gain the title of ECW champion once again.

As a bonus, he stays in the business that he has put so much passion into.

Tommy Dreamer also didn't like "the All American American" Jack Swagger.

But in the match at the end "one two three" "oh my GOD the new ECW champion and still in the business of ECW the one and only INNOVATOR of VIOLENCE Tommy Dreamer"

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