Playoff...we Talk'n Bout The Playoffs.

Javon BarkusContributor IJune 19, 2009

SAN FRANCISCO - DECEMBER 15: Chad Johnson #85 of the Cincinnati Bengals sits on the field against the San Francisco 49ers on December 15, 2007 at Monster Park in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)

The playoff... we talk'n bout the playoff not so fast chad you guy's need some serious help before you start predicting a playoff run.

Chad Ochocinco is optimistic about this year and so are his teammate's but you know Ochocinco take's it to a whole new level predicting a playoff run it's going to take a tremendous effort to make the playoff this year based on how they fared last season.

Not doing so good they fail to a 4-12 record chad Ochocinco had one of the worst seasons of his career receiving just 53 balls for 540 yards and 4 TDs that's not the chad were used to,he has to step his game up in order for them to make a playoff run, Carson Palmer as well his elbow needs to be good and ready,him having a good year is key to their success if he can stay healthy they might have a chance.

Cincinnati Bengals averages 2008 season.

  • The Bengals on offense averaged 12.8 pts (32nd) 245.4 yards (32nd) 150.4 pass (30th) 95.0 rush yds (29th)
  • On defense they averaged 22.8 pts (19th) 325.5 yards (12th) 205.4 pass yds(15th) 120.1 rush yds (21st).

That's pretty bad,those number need to improve for them to have a shot as you can see their offense isn't that good.First roundpick OT Andre Smith should keep Carson palmer(who's recovering from an elbow injury) upright long enough to facilitate the ball and Scott BernardRB sixth round pick and vakapuna RB seventh round pick could help their running game and second round pick Rey Maualuga out of USC will definately help their defense.