WrestleMania 30: Cesaro Must Be Booked Strongly to Justify Battle Royal Victory

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WrestleMania 30: Cesaro Must Be Booked Strongly to Justify Battle Royal Victory
Credit: WWE.com

Cesaro was one of a handful of talents featured on the Raw after WrestleMania 30, and for good reason. Cesaro emerged victorious in an otherwise lazily booked 31-man Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

Beneath a sea of WWE Superstars currently stuck in a rut, the winner now has the clearest path to creative windfall.

During the trophy presentation on Raw, Cesaro's former tag team partner Jack Swagger mauled him. In a get-heat-quick spot, Swagger tipped the towering trophy over, conveniently breaking it in two such that the Andre statue was separated from the rest of the five-foot structure.

As Cesaro's momentum continues, it would be wise for Paul Heyman, Cesaro's new manager, to continue to carry the sculpture lovingly as a reminder of where Cesaro's latest push started. 

The Swagger-Cesaro feud will be the first in a long line of critical feuds for Cesaro. Cesaro's ascendancy will reflect directly on the importance of the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal—which Hulk Hogan vowed will continue as a WrestleMania tradition.

Pairing with Heyman can already be considered an auspicious start for Cesaro post-Mania.

Heyman infamously managed Brock Lesnar to a surprise WrestleMania victory over Undertaker. Following a career-defining promo on Raw, Paul Heyman can get a WWE Superstar over simply by saying his name.

Luckily for Heyman, Cesaro doesn't need much miracle work.

This new alliance feels like WWE putting the finishing touches to a near masterpiece. A Paul Heyman promo here and an eventual split there will all but launch the newly minted King of Swing.

Long term, if Cesaro and Heyman are to have a falling out, an obvious match with Lesnar, Heyman's other client, will cement Cesaro as a main eventer.

The possibilities seem endless following a very successful 48-hour period for Cesaro. This is a sign that his win in a much-maligned Battle Royal is already starting to pay off.

Lesnar or not, as long as there is a path to the main event, the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal will go from throwaway pay-per-view paycheck grab to an advanced proving ground.

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