Avry's Logo Blog:Logo #2 Pittsburgh Steelers (Circa 1960)

Avry Lewis-McDougallContributor IJune 19, 2009

Avry’s Logo Blog #2: The Pittsburgh Steelers (1960)


I’m back with my 2ndlogo blog and this time I’m writing about the logo of the 1960 Pittsburgh

Steelers. This logo, is just a disaster waiting to happen, first of all this steelworker should be fired on the spot for bringing a football to work and also that form will cause him to break his leg once he regains his footing and I don’t think he will get workers compensation for this kind of tomfoolery on the work site. Other than this steelworker’s disregard for safety at the workplace, this logo is very humorous for the time period as the 1960’s were full of funny logos for sports teams. The Logo is funny and sadly so was the play of the Steelers during the 1960’s as they were one of the worst teams in all of football.


The New Avry Logo Scale


5/5 for showing poor workplace safety

5/5 for Humor