This Week in Annoying: The Worst in Sports Right Now

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterApril 11, 2014

This Week in Annoying: The Worst in Sports Right Now

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    Brian Babineau/Getty Images

    Bode Miller tried to brown bag it at the Masters, the NBA flop epidemic has reached the youth ranks and we have another week of shake-your-head madness. 

    Come for the cheap Augusta food, but stay for the Rajon Rondo flop GIF. 

    Once again we delve into the more unfortunate side of the sports week, complete with stories that are so bad they are actually quite good. 

    Go ahead and sound off on these stories or plunk down some we may have missed in the comments section below. 

    Now let's get on with some beautifully awful sports stories. 

Flippity Flop

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    GIF Credit: Deadspin

    This week Deadspin spotted another example of an NBA player showing off some massive acting skills, featuring Rajon Rondo flopping like he had just been run over by a truck. 

    Sports Illustrated's Ben Golliver has a breakdown on all 28 players warned this season for egregious acting jobs this year. 

    Now the unfortunate thing about all of this is that kids are now emulating the practice, as evidenced by this flop by a youth player that would make Vlade Divac proud. 

    At least they are practicing at a young age now. 

Quesadilla Crimes

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    Gero Breloer

    Bode Miller was caught red-handed with a quesadilla.  

    The Augusta Chronicle's Susan McCord (h/t The Big Lead) reports, "Miller, an Olympic gold-medalist skier, and his wife, Morgan Beck, were stopped on their way to the course and instructed to surrender a quesadilla they’d hoped to snack on during the first round of Masters Tournament play Thursday."

    Now to be fair, Miller paid a handsome sum to see the Masters, stating, "If you pay $7,500, you ought to be able to bring out a quesadilla." He just didn't want to spring for an extra $1.50. 

    This makes this list simply for the fact that food at the Masters is both renowned and, well, cheap. As Bleacher Report tweets, you get quite the bargain at Augusta. 

    An egg salad sandwich does sound pretty good at the moment. 


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    The Atlanta Braves burned the American flag. Granted, it was by accident, but it still makes for quite the Internet video. 

    Spotted on both YouTube and Facebook, the Braves' fireworks display featured quite the unbelievable, albeit brief, blaze of Old Glory. 

    Atlanta's 11Alive has more on the story, including word that the Braves planned to replace the flag. Oh, and they won't be performing this again. 


Big Papi Takes Scenic Route Home

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    David Ortiz hit a massive home run, which isn't all that noteworthy. The real treat was his home run trot that now sits at the top of the heap for lengthy jogs around the bases. 

    Tater Trot Tracker maintains that Ortiz's home run featured the slowest trot in MLB, clocking in at 32.91 seconds. 

    Now to be fair, Ortiz was more than likely standing at the plate to make sure his home run was fair, but the Red Sox slugger is known for admiring his work. 

    This time, however, he had time to jog around, smell the roses, sign autographs and perhaps see a replay of his masterpiece. 

    You do you, Big Papi. 

Charity Game Melee

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    As it turns out, that NYPD and FDNY charity game wasn't as friendly as some would have hoped, because it featured a massive brawl you just have to see. 

    The New York Post's Larry Celona and David K. Li maintain that nobody was seriously injured, so you can feel safe in enjoying this kerfuffle with a big bucket of popcorn. 

    We can't wait until next year's goodwill charity extravaganza. 

I Know That Face Anywhere

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    Andrew Redington/Getty Images

    Well this is kind of dumb. 

    The Mirror's Alana Fearon reports 27-year-old Rob Price spotted what he believed to be Rory McIlroy's' likeness in a pastry before the Masters, so he took the omen and decided to bet on the golfer to win the tournament. 

    While McIlroy was one of the favorites coming into Augusta, it's a silly reason to plunk down a bet, especially considering Price wagered a reported €1,200, or $1,600

    As of this writing, McIlroy is one-over par on the tournament.