WWE Must Book Goldust vs. Cody Rhodes Feud Before 'The Bizarre One' Retires

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterApril 11, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

Goldust vs. Cody Rhodes, a potential masterpiece of a rivalry, awaits WWE, but it won't wait forever.

Brother-versus-brother rivalries have been so successful in the past that it's a route WWE has to take here. Additionally, it's a match fans have been demanding for years.

The shelf life for it won't last much longer, though.

As amazing as Goldust has looked physically lately, he won't be able to maintain this level of excellence. He is 45 years old. Age will slow him down. As the saying goes, "Father Time is undefeated."

Rather than wait until this dream match becomes a disappointing contest featuring someone well past his prime, WWE needs to prioritize Goldust vs. Rhodes in the near future.

Fans keep pulling for Undertaker vs. Sting, but at a combined 104 years old, there's little chance of that actually being any good if it ever happened.

Goldust, though, is still performing at a high level. Against Bray Wyatt in February, he showed plenty of snap in his offense and kept up with a much younger foe. 

WWE could book Rhodes vs. Goldust with confidence in terms of what "The Bizarre One" would bring if it were to do it soon. How much longer can he keep this up, though?

Pitting brother against brother in the past has often produced compelling results. There is something inherently interesting about a sibling rivalry playing out in a wrestling ring.

When Dory Funk Jr. battled Terry Funk, the result was greatness.

At WrestleMania X, Bret Hart battled his younger brother Owen in what became one of the event's most beloved matches. Jeff and Matt Hardy clashed 15 years later at WrestleMania XXV.

In all three cases, the brothers were both highly talented. Both Funks were NWA world champs and are now Hall of Famers. The Harts have won 17 championships in WWE between them, and The Hardy Boyz were among the most exciting performers of their generation.

That made their brotherly wars more then mere novelty. They were great dramas with foes who were incredibly familiar with each other.

Rhodes and Goldust can continue that tradition and do it proud.

As allies they were a part of some of 2013's hottest stories and best matches, including Rhodes fighting for his job, Goldust trying to win it back and winning the tag team titles. 

During that stretch, Rhodes showed great promise as a babyface warrior and emoted well on the mic. Goldust's in-ring work belied his age. He dashed around the ring, smoother and quicker than a 45-year-old should be able to.

Since then, WWE has pushed them to the background.

They were relegated to the pre-show for Elimination Chamber and lost in the 30-man Battle Royal at WrestleMania. Taking on Fandango, as they have done a number of times recently, is no marquee match either.

A feud against each other gives the Rhodes boys instant direction. It would teem with intensity. The story would be an easy one to write as well.

Rhodes has never been as popular or successful as his older brother. Jealousy could lead to animosity. Rhodes could talk about having to prove himself, to step out of Goldust and his father's shadow.

Dusty Rhodes could stand at ringside, torn as he watches his two sons go at it. 

The amount of drama that would drip from that narrative and the similar-but-divergent ring styles of the two brothers is partly why fans have been dreaming of this bout for so long.

It's something that Goldust has wanted too, telling a fan on Twitter in 2012 that he was hoping for that match.

The audience's desire to see it hasn't gone away. Tweets like this one are commonplace, the Internet filled with folks wishing we had seen Goldust vs. Rhodes at WrestleMania XXX.

Why not satisfy that desire? Rhodes could use the boost. Defeating his brother improves his resume greatly.

The appeal of the story, the rarity of two brothers being so great at the same time and the fact that crowd has already expressed its demand for it makes Goldust vs. Rhodes a match that needs be on WWE's list of ideas to tackle soon.