Why Bears Trading For Jay Cutler Was a Great Move

Mike MContributor IJune 19, 2009

LAKE FOREST, IL - MAY 20: Jay Cutler #6 of the Chicago Bears participates during an organized team activity (OTA) practice on May 20, 2009 at Halas Hall in Lake Forest, Illinois. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Well here goes time to bust my writing cherry on what I consider the biggest highlight of the Bears off season.  Please be kind fellow football fans.

In the NFL it is extemely difficult to be a playoff football team without a standout QB.  The QB touches the ball more then any other player on the team and is usually viewed as the leader of the offensive.  Without a good QB you are also limiting your chances of winning, ex. If you fall behind by a few scores with time winding down on the clock.

It is hard to argue that most modern era successful franchises have been built around a stud QB, ie. SF with Montana, DEN with Elway, GB Favre, STL/ARZWarner, IND with Manning, NE with Brady, PIT with Rothlesburger.  These QBs all have in common talent, football smarts and leadership.  There are other attributes like size and arm strength, but every year there are several QBs that come out of college that have the right size and speed with strong arms that turn into flops. (I wont bother to make this list as it is very long and it will surely be incomplete)

Almost every year of the NFL draft the first pick is a QB.  Undoubtedly the top 10 picks will include a few QBs.  Why is this?  It as I have stated above that it is a well known fact that to win in the NFL you need a solid QB.  Since this is a Bears post I will dare say that although it is common wisdom to most other teams, it has been a dirty little secret that the Bears have only gotten wind of this year!  

Each year teams with early draft picks are more then happy to spend them on QBs that may or may not pan out.  Every team does all of its analysis and due diligence on the QB prospects.  They give these QBs as good of an examination as any horse trainer would to prospective race horse.  The truth is, I dont have the actual stats, that it is probably a 50/50 bet if the QB will pan out an even be a starter in the NFL.  The odds are even lower the drafted QB will be of the caliber to be a team leader and star in the NFL, or on my above list of great QBs.

The prospect of a young star QB that has proven stats becoming available via trade is extremely remote and rare.   That's why Jerry Angelo, an extremely conservative GM, said he has never ever in his career seen a QB like Cutler becoming available.  I agree with JA Cutler has all of the skills, smarts, size and ability that past stud QBs have.  I belive that Cutler has the ability to make the list of stud QBs I lised above.  Also Cutler is extremely young and has an injury free past, less his diabeties. 

With Jay Cutler the uncertainty of him panning out as a Star NFL QB is all but gone.  He has the size, arm strength, accuracy, speed, and smarts to lead a team to the Superbowl. 

So the Question becomes is Jay Cutler worth 2 first round picks (assuming they will be late round pics as your team improves), your old starting QB (I am not big on Orton, look at Sexy Rexy a former Bear starter now a Texan backup), and a 3rd round exchanged for a 5th?  To me the answer is unquestionably YES!  If you buy my logic about the low odds if an early 1st round QB pans out then yes the trade is good for a 3 year veteran QB.  The price on face value looks high, but I do believe that getting that star QB is well worth the price and more. 

The Bears have now put themselves in the position where they need not blow any early round draft picks on a QB for the next several years.  The have a cornerstone to the puzzle that they can build around, based on his strengths and weakness.  JA has also shown that he believes that the Bears can win now and he has strengthen holes in the Bears through free agency. 

I am very excited for this upcomming year for the Bears.  I have the highest expectations as I do beleive that the addition of a stud QB will make both sides of the ball better.  Even if the Bears dont win it all this year, they will have a chance to see Cutler for a year and to make additions around him thus building a powerhouse team for years to come.

I am a believer in having a star QB and I am VERY bullish on Da Bears for seasons to come!!!


Go Bears!!!