WWE NXT Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from April 10

Erik Beaston@@ErikBeastonFeatured ColumnistApril 11, 2014

WWE NXT Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from April 10

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    The April 10 episode of NXT has come and gone and if we have learned anything, it is that the middle show of a long taping cycle has a tendency to be a bit lethargic.

    Bo Dallas made what should be one of his final appearances for the developmental brand as he attempted to make like Daniel Bryan and occupy NXT. When that did not work, he found himself booked in a match against Justin Gabriel at the behest of general manager JBL. Would he be able to thwart the challenge of the South African Superstar or would he suffer another loss?

    Speaking of Superstars making their final appearances, that may very well be the case for Adam Rose, whose debut vignettes began airing Monday night on Raw. This week, he took on the very tough Brit Danny Burch. Would the talented ring worker put a damper on Rose's party or would the Experience continue for another week?

    Bayley, Sasha Banks and Mojo Rawley were all in action and Brodus Clay made another appearance, calling out NXT champion Adrian Neville. Would he answer and if so, what would he have to say to the former Funkasaurus?

    Find out about everything that went down on this week's show right now!

Adam Rose vs. Danny Burch

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    The Adam Rose Experience kicked off this week's show as Rose took on the double-tough Danny Burch.

    After a bit of offense from the talented Brit, Rose displayed great intensity, took Burch down with an Arn Anderson-like spinebuster and finished him off with a middle rope forearm drop.

    The Adam Rose Experience resumed after the bout as the crowd completely ate it up. 


    Quotes and Highlights

    "I'm dizzy, I think I saw an oompa loompa..." -Alex Riley on the Adam Rose Experience

    "Look at Danny Burch, a straight forward fighter. How can you now respect him?" -Riley






    Another great showcase for Rose, whose gimmick is incredibly over. The character is so hot with the audience despite only a few appearances and the fact that he has been called up to the main roster so quickly is a testament to the performer behind it.

    Kudos to Burch, who is a very talented, old school wrestler who may not have what it takes to thrive in WWE but is a great hand and could be instrumental in the development of some of the brighter young stars on the roster.

Backstage Promos: Referee Shawn Bennett, Corey Graves, Devin Taylor

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    Devin Taylor met with referee Shawn Bennett, who said he was thinking only about the safety of Sami Zayn when he stopped last Thursday's match against Corey Graves.

    Taylor was then with Graves, whom she asked if he considers his win legitimate. He responded as any heel would: Of course.


    Highlights and Quotes

    "I suppose you would like me to come up here and say there's an asterisk by the win, like it doesn't count." -Graves

    "A win is a win." -Graves






    The feud between Corey Graves and Sami Zayn has been very good thus far, but tonight's promos with Graves and referee Shawn Bennett were very lackluster. Graves essentially did what villains in wrestling do and denounced the idea that he did not deserve the win from last week.

    With a new taping cycle coming up, hopefully the feud can rekindle some energy and lead to a hot blowoff between the two. 


Bayley vs. Sasha Banks

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    The feud between Bayley and the BFFs continued this week as the huggable, lovable NXT Diva took on Sasha Banks.

    Quick covers and near-falls for Bayley early frustrated Banks, who attacked her without remorse. Banks wore Bayley down as Charlotte watched from ringside. Bayley recovered and delivered a flurry of offense. The Bayley-to-Belly hugplex finished Banks.



    Bayley, via pinfall, following the Bayley-to-Belly


    Quotes and Highlights

    "I am 100% Hugh Lige certified." -Jason Albert

    "The BFFs run around the locker room, bullying the girls." -Albert

    "I love Bayley as much as the next person, but you have to admit that she's a bit naive and that works against her sometimes." -Alex Riley






    Sasha Banks is so good, yet is consistently portrayed as the weak link of the BFFs. She lost another match this week and is in desperate need of some sort of victory to break what has become a significant losing streak.

    Bayley is a very fun character, a lovable one that is incredibly over with the NXT faithful. As good as she is and as likable as she is, there is arguably more money to be made with Sasha than any of the other full-time NXT Divas remaining.

    Hopefully she can turn things around before fans begin to perceive the fierce Bostonian as a jobber.

Mojo Rawley vs. Sylvester Lefort

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    Mojo Rawley proved that he does not work by the hour, making very short work of manager Sylvester Lefort following Hyperdrive.


    Quotes and Highlights

    "This guy gets me pumped. He makes me want to go do five minutes on the elliptical machine right now." -Jason Albert

    "Anyone that can transition from the NFL into the world of sports-entertainment is a tremendous athlete." -Albert 






    Yes, it was another showcase for Rawley, who the company definitely sees as a major star of the future. However, at some point, he has to evolve past the squash matches and show that he is capable of working a longer, more traditional match against a higher quality opponent.

    Until he does that, there will continue to be questions surrounding just how good a worker he can realistically be.

In-Ring Promo: Adrian Neville and Brodus Clay

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    Brodus Clay made his way to the ring following the Rawley-Lefort match and destroyed Lefort with a big slash. He grabbed a microphone and spoke about NXT Arrival, watching Adrian Neville be publicly endorsed, and called Neville out.

    The two exchanged insults and appeared to be ready to go at it, but Brodus left, telling Neville it will happen on his time.


    Quotes and Highlights

    "I watched NXT Arrival and saw Triple H and John Cena publicly endorse Adrian Neville. I gave my blood, sweat and tears and never got nothing." -Brodus Clay

    "For a main event playing, you do a lot of moaning, complaining and whining." -Adrian Neville







    A suitable promo to further the title program between Neville and Clay. The line from Clay about watching Triple H and Cena publicly endorse Neville was great and probably hinted at some anger within the actual performer, who has every right to feel disrespected considering WWE literally stripped him of his gimmick and gave it to someone else.

    The upcoming title match could be very fun, especially if Clay is motivated and Neville can work around his opponent's limitations.

Backstage Promo: Oliver Grey, Camacho and Devin Taylor

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    Devin Taylor interviewed former NXT Tag Team champion Oliver Grey. She asked how it felt to be back in NXT after suffering an injury that sidelined him for quite some time. Before he could answer, however, Camacho approached. 

    Camacho went off on Adam Rose before Grey challenged him to a match next week.


    Highlights and Quotes

    "I am Camacho, an NXT Superstar. The poser? Adam Rose." -Camacho






    The backstage interview segment involving Camacho and Oliver Grey was among the laziest ways to book a wrestling match that this writer has ever seen.

    First, Grey suddenly returned from out of nowhere and no mention was made of his former partnership with NXT champion Adrian Neville. Second, he was barely able to get a word out before Camacho interrupted and proved that he could actually speak. Unfortunately, when he did speak, it was about Adam Rose, not Grey.

    Why Grey even bothered to challenge Camacho to a match outside of the fact that he was rudely interrupted is a mystery. If that is indeed the reason, it ranks right up there with Kane and Chris Jericho's feud over coffee from 2000 as one of the worst reasons of all time.

Backstage Promo: Great Khali, Bayley, CJ Parker and Devin Taylor

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    The Great Khali joined Devin Taylor backstage for an interview and moments later, Bayley appeared. CJ Parker interrupted, spouted off some lines about recycling and generally was his generally annoying self. This led to Khali challenging him to a match for next week.

    That left the Moonchild looking less than thrilled.


    Quotes and Highlights

    None to speak of, which is fitting given the match it set up.






    Recycling has officially joined "rude interruption," "spilled coffee" and "Japanese shampoo commercial" as worst reasons for a wrestling match ever.

    Otherwise, this was a harmless backstage interview segment.

Occupy NXT

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    Bo Dallas made his way to the ring and spoke about deserving a shot at the NXT title. He said that Daniel Bryan occupied Raw and got a shot at the title, so he would do the same to NXT. The fans, however, refused to join him.

    Dallas broke down, not understanding why his Bolievers wouldn't help him occupy NXT and get the title shot he so rightfully (in his own mind) deserved.

    NXT general manager JBL made his way to the ring, denied Bo a title shot and introduces Justin Gabriel as his opponent.


    Quotes and Highlights

    "Why should he hold his head high? He lost?" -Alex Riley on Jason Albert's claim that Bo Dallas should hold his head high despite a loss to Adrian Neville

    "The voices of the Bolievers cannot be silenced." -Bo Dallas

    "Daniel Bryan occupied Raw and got a shot at the title. And he's just a B+ player. I actually deserve a shot." -Dallas

    "The Bo Movement is here!" -Dallas

    "I gave you cookies!" -Dallas to the NXT faithful who literally turned their backs on him

    "You don't have enough people to occupy a seesaw in that ring." -JBL






    A great segment that highlighted Bo's greatest asset: his microphone skills. He was great as he broke down, recalling all that he had done for the fans and getting emotional as he watched them turn their backs on him. 

    JBL was excellent in his very limited mic time and the line about not having enough people to occupy a seesaw was the best from anyone all night.

Justin Gabriel vs. Bo Dallas

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    Dejected following his failed attempt to Occupy NXT, Dallas was thrust into action against former WWE tag team champion Justin Gabriel.

    The former champion was able to regain his composure and take control of the match to the disdain of the NXT faithful, who wanted nothing more than to see the third-generation star lose yet another match. Dallas disappointed them, scoring the victory with his trademark underhook DDT.



    Bo Dallas, via pinfall, with the double underhook DDT


    Quotes and Highlights

    "First smart move he's made around here in months." -Alex Riley on JBL

    "Bo Dallas is upset because he tried to occupy NXT, but it didn't work and now he's just trying to get his head straight." -Riley

    "That was a pathetic display of manners." -Riley on the fans' reluctance to occupy NXT with Dallas






    A much more basic match than anyone would hope for from a main roster star and a young performer about to make his debut on on Raw and SmackDown.

    It was a hard-fought match from Dallas and Gabriel, especially the latter as he tried to make the most of the television time he was given. Unfortunately, the audience was not into the action and, instead, focused on coming up with new chants to taunt Dallas.

    A lackluster main event to this week's rather uneventful and mediocre show.