Brett Favre: After Surgery, It Hurts When He Throws

Dan BasilContributor IJune 19, 2009

2 Sep 1989:  Quarterback Brett Favre of the Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles delivers a pass during the Golden Eagles 30-26 victory over the Florida State Seminoles at Roberts Stadium in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  Mandatory Credit: Allen Steele  /Allspo

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Brett Favre has been reported to have worked out with a local high school team in Mississippi yesterday. With no pads on, Favre threw passes to a few of the players at Oak Grove High School. After his work out Brett granted an interview to local TV station WDAM-TV and reporter Mitch Williams.

When asked how he felt Favre replied: "It feels ok" and added that Friday will be the end of the fourth week since his arthroscopic surgery was performed. Favre commented that he "might throw different" and that "Ok is not good enough" (in the NFL) or for him.

The veteran quarterback seemed to throw very well on camera so the rest may be working the post surgery bugs out in his shoulder. The surgery performed on Favre's biceps can take four to six weeks to recover and up to six months before contact sports should be resumed.

The recovery information gives us a clue as to why a Vikings trainer was sent down to Mississippi last week to work with Brett on some exercises to speed up the recovery. As usual, the potential Viking QB kept his options open for retirement saying " I don't know if I'm gonna play... when I'm done, I'm done... you can't go back... and I have to make sure that's what I want to do".

It is possible that Brett Favre is still thinking about playing this year and using his recent surgery as an "out clause" to gracefully bow out of playing without looking like a quitter. As Favre continues to play the media, the rest of us will stay tuned to see what comes of it... or not.

Dan Basil - Contributing Field Correspondent, The Bleacher Report