Fast and Low: Quial Hunting In The Deep South

Walker DavidsonCorrespondent IJune 19, 2009

I have shot many quail and it doesn't get any easier. I don't hunt pen raised birds that are for city slickers. I hunt wild birds that have been hunted since the Civil War. I have spent $300.00 on shells that missed there mark.

I like to hunt and that is a fact. The best hunts are when your there with friends and family, for three hours, with good dogs. So for you 'save animal geeks', back off and let us do our thing. We have hunted since the beginning of time Cavemen, Indians, Us.

So if you ask what will you be doing this fall, I will reply, "I'll be huntin' with Reed and Bud and playin' football."

I have many great memories in the woods and I'm only eleven. We have so much fun. So see ya'll later, I got to clean my gun.