Breaking Down Alabama's Josh Frazier's Highlight Tape

Edwin WeathersbyAnalyst IApril 10, 2014

Breaking Down Alabama's Josh Frazier's Highlight Tape

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    Josh Frazier is a 4-star defensive tackle who signed with Alabama in February. At 6'3" and 325 pounds, the Arkansas native already looks like a college player.

    He has solid quickness at the snap, but his strength and power are what set him apart. He can drop his weight to anchor at the point of attack, which causes a lot of messes in the middle versus running plays.

    Based on highlight tape, he has a chance to become a key player for the Crimson Tide's defense.

Play No. 1

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    The initial play of Frazier's highlight tape shows him as a nose tackle in a three-man front. He gets off the ball adequately, but look at him use his strength.

    Frazier's punch is solid, but what is most impressive about this play is his fight and drive to pressure and finish. Most players of his size lack the tenacity and hunger to finish plays, but Frazier does a good job of it here.

Play No. 2

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    On this play, Frazier sits in the A-gap and takes on a double-team. This is a perfect example of a defensive tackle anchoring at the point of attack.

    He recognizes the scheme quickly, drops his weight and simply tells both blockers he isn't going anywhere. However, instead of getting into a wrestling match with them, he fights to work off them and pursues the ball laterally down the line.

Play No. 3

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    This play is a simple and classic bull rush.

    It's an illustration of the exceptional power and strength that Frazier has at the point of attack. He fires off the ball and immediately challenges the blocker before tossing him aside to get free.

Play No. 4

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    The big man has a little agility to his athleticism, which is shown on this play. Frazier's strength is his best asset, but he utilizes a quick swim move here. 

    He's sitting right over the center's head to cover up the pivot in this alignment and then eludes the snapper with quick hands. Also, look at how Frazier displays some short-area quickness when pursuing the ball.

Play No. 5

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    This is an awfully short clip, yet it does show Frazier using his mitts quickly to keep blockers off him in the trenches. With his size and power, if he can continue to improve his hand quickness, things could be nasty for opposing blockers in the SEC.

Plays No. 6 and No. 7

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    If Play No. 2 was a perfect example of a defensive tackle anchoring, then this play is a flawless example. Frazier could stand to lower his pad level here, but watch him dig in at the point of attack.

    His ability to powerfully anchor is impressive, yet he also doesn't lose sight of the ball. He causes a stalemate with the center and guard and then keeps his eyes on the ball before fighting off the blocks to help make the stop.

Play No. 8

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    Here's a play where Frazier appears to be playing with great anticipation. He immediately fires out from his 0-technique alignment to the A-gap. He gets so much penetration on this play that he forces the running back to cut back away from him.

    However, the Arkansas native violently sheds his block to get free and surges to finish on the ball-carrier with good force.

    Greg Powers of wrote: "If he can get his technique to catchup with his power, he will present major mismatches."

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