So Dogs Mean More Than Human Life In The NFL...

Aaron LiebmanAnalyst IJune 19, 2009

Quarterback Michael Vick, convicted of dog fighting, spent nearly two years behind bars for executing dogs.  So I know dogs are man’s best friend and everything, but does that mean they’re more important than man itself?

Sure, he has permanently lost his driver’s license and is suspended indefinitely.  But what about the life that was lost?  What justice is there for him?  Unless Stallworth will be performing community service working on the new Joe Buck HBO show, it won’t be punishment enough.

Yes, Donte Stallworth the suspension is indefinite, but so was Pacman Jones'.  And no matter how stupid Jones was when he was drinking, he at least had the small amount of brain power not to drive and kill someone.

Now I know that famous people usually get a slap on the wrist compared to what the average Joe would get for the same crime.  But a harsher punishment for killing dogs?  Unless the person killed was Al Davis, a human life is much more important.