Conan O'Brien Played Madden on Cowboys' Enormous Jumbotron and It Was Awesome

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Conan O'Brien's "Clueless Gamer" segments have quickly become some of our favorite parts of the show. This one featuring the Cowboys' AT&T Stadium may be the best yet. 

It's certainly the biggest. 

Sports Illustrated's Ben Sin spotted this video of O'Brien as he takes the Conan show to the home of the Dallas Cowboys. 

Of course, if you are sitting in front of a giant screen and have a gaming console, one thing leads to another and you have yourself an epic time playing some classic games. 

Now before we get to those games, Gizmodo's Leslie Horn once broke down the specs of this particular Diamond Vision and the bigger one used by the Houston Texans: 

It's a whole 25 percent larger than the Cowboys Stadium behemoth, which is 72 feet high by 160 feet wide, or 11,520 square feet in all. The Cowboys still have a small advantage in that, with a 16 by 9 aspect ratio, their board can be used for either replays or a live feed.

Although, Horn failed to offer the best part of the gigantic screen: It serves as the best entertainment display on this planet.

O'Brien and partner in crime Aaron Bleyaert do exactly what many of you might if given the opportunity: They fire up Madden and watch immense amounts of epic unfold. 

Before the game begins, we get a look at the announcers, leading to O'Brien's hilarious, "Look they caught how Phil Simms has dead eyes."

Unfortunately, the host isn't able to quite get a pass off, getting sacked twice—once in the end zone. Before condemning the game, he realizes it's all his bad: "When they show it in slow motion, it looks like I'm waiting for a bus."

After that, the two try out other games with mixed results. However, O'Brien really seems to find his niche once Street Fighter II is played (button mashing, anyone?). 

This is really just six minutes of video to illustrate something you already know: Playing Madden, or any video game, on a ridiculously huge Diamond Vision is a fantastic use of your time. 

We will wait until the price comes down on these bad boys before making room in our own home though. 

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