Dioner Navarro Steals 1st Bag Since 2009, Gives Hope to All Chubby MLB Catchers

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterApril 10, 2014

On a beautiful April night in Toronto, something truly amazing happened. A big man with chubby dreams suddenly became invisible to the opposition and swift with his own feet. Yes, on this truly wonderful April night, anything was truly possible. 

The Big Lead's Michael Shamburger has a gorgeous GIF of the moment Navarro threw caution to the wind and found out what it's like on the other side of a throw down to second.  

According to his smile, it feels wonderful. 

Although, Navarro might just be remembering, because he has been here before. As noted by Shamburger and MLB.com, this seventh-inning treat was the first for Navarro since 2009. With that kind of stat, you can almost feel comfortable timing some comets to his stolen base success rate. 

As the announcer proclaims, Navarro takes off on a hit-and-run, which quickly becomes one of the most unlikely of stolen bases. 

Because it's Navarro over at first, Josh Zeid hardly finds reason to keep him close to the bag. Like a ninja in the night, Navarro then takes off at full speed, which is essentially a jog for most MLB players and a full stop for Billy Hamilton. 

Astros catcher Jason Castro throws the ball just wide enough to allow the 30-year-old to get under the tag. More hilariously, you can see him hold on for dear life as his momentum damn near rips him from the bag altogether. 

That's when he gets up and washes in the warmth of a job well done. It seems his clever thievery also included stealing the hearts of every last Blue Jays fan as well, because they give a standing ovation. 

The announcer beams with, "And the crowd, they recognize what happened." It's a humorous moment on an altogether successful night, concluding with a Blue Jays win, 7-3. 

Rant Sports' Jonny Adornetto explains how Navarro is becoming something of a fan favorite: "Along with being a solid contributor in the middle of the batting order, Navarro shows his talents behind the plate as well. Navarro is both a vocal and defensively sound catcher, which should continue to help a Jays’ pitching rotation that is still trying to figure itself out."

And now he is stealing bags like the Navarro of old. Although, we will be shocked if he manages five as he did in 2009

The former Chicago Cubs catcher is certainly winning over a great many Blue Jays faithful. And, really, how can you not enjoy his game when he is managing the staff with aplomb and now stealing second with a smile. 

His game is infectious and those outside Toronto can't help but wear a similar smirk to the one flashed by the threat looming on the basepaths. Navarro certainly has a home in Toronto, and we are confident with feats like this that he is very much a welcomed part of the organization just nine games in. 

Now if he manages another stolen base this year, they may just erect a statue outside the stadium in his likeness. 

The Astros take on the Blue Jays again on Thursday night. Of course, they won't worry too much about Navarro if he gets on base. Although, it will cross their mind, and that's just marvelous. 


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