Real Galacticos vs. UnReal Un-Galacticos

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Real Galacticos vs. UnReal Un-Galacticos
(Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)

If economic troubles weren’t enough for the sensitive soccer souls then now there is another predicament of Galacticos syndrome which is sweeping Madrid at a frantic pace and strikes across the European continent at its own very expensive will.

The full extent of its impact on soccer psychology will take sometime and intensive studies to determine. But risk of Inferiority Complex epidemic or at least short-term psychological trauma, in and around soccer clubs, is severe.

Major concerns are about those “cheap” players plying their trade in poor soccer clubs. For obvious reason, they might be feeling a more than a little “cheap” these days because nobody seems to be paying them any attention. All spotlights are on expensive Galacticos.

But hey! Cheer up. There is a silver lining to this after all. There had to be. Don’t they need inexpensive players to fill in places around Galacticos so they could stand out and feel important on (and off) the soccer field?

For them, surely there will be some suitors making low-key inquiries, in hushed tones, at boardroom corners (perhaps almost as and afterthought) and certainly (though sadly) out of media glare. Some money will be found (but no banks will be broken) for them or a player (definitely not a galactico) to make a swap.

However, such bad tidings cannot be denied or forestalled that things will get worse before they get better for those left unattended.

Those players  will have to stop daydreaming and waiting for things to happen, begin to work harder, build a good (or bad) media image and negotiate to insert a high buy-out clause—around 100m Euro should do the trick—one of many essentials to becoming a Galatico—in their contract.

Looking forward to see you at La Ciudad del Real Madrid in the next season or two or three or...

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