Imagining Bray Wyatt as a Future Top Babyface in WWE

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistApril 10, 2014

Bray Wyatt
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Bray Wyatt is one of the most enigmatic and entertaining Superstars in recent WWE history. His blend of dramatic storytelling and creepy theatrics has set him apart from every other antagonist on Vince McMahon's roster.  Though he is still establishing himself in the company and in the eyes of fans as a true top player, many believe he has already proved that he more than belongs on that upper level. 

While he is undoubtedly very good at what he does, the truth is that he is capable of much more than being a heel.  It may be hard for some to believe, but Bray Wyatt definitely has a future as a top babyface in WWE.

It seems impossible to imagine Bray as anything other than a devious heel right now. After all, he has done so much to warrant the spot he currently enjoys and all the heat that goes along with it.

From the moment Bray and The Wyatt Family debuted in WWE, fans knew they were in for something special.  Bray was a guy who just seemed to get it; he fully embraced the character he was portraying, and he completely owned the moment every time he had a mic in his hand.

Bray was a throwback character, a heel who was very reminiscent of Jake "The Snake" Roberts and "Rowdy" Roddy Piper.  Bray was devilish, underhanded and fully capable of anything.  

He brought a twisted viewpoint, a warped perspective on reality.  Like a charismatic cult leader, Bray Wyatt had passion in his words and intensity in his eyes that made others want to follow him.  Erick Rowan and Luke Harper were there from the very beginning, and they're still there to this day because they believe in Bray's message.

That message is one of nonconformity, of looking for meaning behind the thinly veiled illusion of reality.  Bray believes his doctrine is the best, and despite how vicious he must be, he will do anything it takes to impose his way of thinking upon others.

That is what makes Bray Wyatt a heel, and it's also what makes him a very unique character in WWE.

Bray is not concerned with championship belts.  He has never expressed a desire to climb the ladder of success in WWE, and he also does not seem to care about the material wealth that goes along with working in the world's largest pro wrestling company.

All Bray wants is destruction.  And he will stop at nothing to get it.

His originality and his ability to captivate an audience with his promos put Bray in a league all his own.  And the work he's done makes him perhaps the most dangerous, most unpredictable heel in the WWE locker room.

Bray pursued Kane, Daniel Bryan and The Shield.  And in each case, he played his mind games to the full extent of his ability.  But the psychological warfare has never been more evident or more intense on Bray's part than it has been in his current feud against John Cena.

Bray has attacked John from all sides, attempting to destroy him from within.  He has targeted Cena's spot as the top protagonist, and he has attempted to discredit John in every way possible.  Bray has become the perfect foil for John, and it is possible that their rivalry could last a very long time 

So how could Bray Wyatt, who is often portrayed as more monster than man, ever hope to become a top babyface in the company?  The answer is very simple: The fans would want him to be.

Bray is one of the most entertaining talents in WWE.  Next to Paul Heyman, Bray is arguably the best on the mic, and he's only getting better. And when a talent like that exists, it's only a matter of time until he gets over and makes the turn.

He will not have to do much.  He will not have to say much.  He will not have to apologize for past sins or save a popular Superstar from a beatdown to get noticed.  All Bray Wyatt will have to do is refocus his efforts to heels, and that should take care of that.

At this point, Bray's entertainment value alone would be enough to get him over.  His personality and likeability are without equal for a heel in WWE.  And truth be told, the live crowd is really beginning to have fun with the character.

They're clapping along to his entrance music and singing along to his song. And when the chorus of "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands " rings out, it's obvious the fans are truly enjoying The Wyatt Family.  Bray is, of course, a huge part of that.

And if he redirected his energy to target heels instead of faces, it would definitely be the first step toward realizing Bray as a top face in the company.

The real test, of course, would come when Bray crossed paths with a top heel.  How would the crowd react to Bray if they saw him and The Wyatt Family beating down Triple H and Kane? Would their support of him go beyond that one spot, and could it catch fire to the point that Bray would then start being elevated in WWE?

Fans would almost certainly take him seriously.  The crowd knows magic when they see it, and being part of an environment that would see Bray openly rage against the corporate machine could be a very magical moment.

Much of Bray's rhetoric can be turned back on the ruling class of WWE.  And he is so good, so fearless, that it would make perfect sense for him to buck the authority that wanted to run his entire career for him.

The fans already buy into Bray, and all that would be needed to facilitate a face turn would be the right moment and the right angle.

Bray Wyatt seems determined to be successful as one of WWE's top heels.  He has proved he has what it takes to fill that role, and he eventually could work his way up to become the top heel in WWE.

But he is also more than capable of achieving top babyface status as well.