CM Punk's Potential Return Has Been Overshadowed by Emerging Superstars

R. Cory SmithSenior Writer IApril 9, 2014

WWE Superstar CM Punk appears at Madison Square Garden, Friday, Nov. 18, 2011, in New York, during a rally leading up to the 25th Anniversary of Survivor Series, taking place Sunday at Madison Square Garden.  The event will feature actor and wrestling favorite Dwayne

CM Punk commonly referred to himself as "Best in the World." Well, it appears the WWE never truly believed that.

There was no passing of the torch, no farewell tour and certainly no going-away package. In fact, Punk never got a public explanation from Vince McMahon or Triple H about what went on behind the scenes between the trio.

Punk's former manager Paul Heyman spoke about that fact earlier this week, per "The Sam Roberts Show":

I’ve answered this question a bunch of times today. There were three people in the room when CM Punk quit. CM Punk, Vince McMahon, Triple H. None of the three have made a public statement regarding it. So whatever went on in that room is amongst the three of them.

Anybody that speculates what’s going—and what happened in that room—and what’s going to happen based upon the conversation that happened in that room is just spreading rumors. Those are the only three people who truly know what happened. ... When one of the three, or two of the three, or all of three want to share their experience with the public then we’ll know more. Until then, we’re left to guess.

Here's what we know: WrestleMania XXX was one of the most legendary pay-per-views in history, and it didn't include a second of CM Punk. There was no mention of the former Superstar, and it was almost as if there was no need for him in the business anymore.

While some fans would have loved to have heard "Cult of Personality" blaring at some point during WrestleMania, Punk was barely missed in all of the excitement.

Between Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock being together in the ring, Cesaro emerging as the winner of the Battle Royal, the outrage of the Undertaker losing and Daniel Bryan becoming the WWE World Heavyweight champion, there was really no need for Punk.

Hell, Bryan's win over Triple H and eventual success in the final match could go down as one of the most memorable storylines in WrestleMania history (and that's a lot of great history).

That outstanding display of wrestling was enough to overshadow any potential return, as Scott M. Fishman of the Miami Herald points out:

Cesaro, after appearing to be on the rise for a while now, finally got his chance to shine in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Eliminating Big Show to win was just the beginningthe aforementioned Heyman swooped in to snatch up the soon-to-be megastar the next night on Raw.

What a smack in the face to Punk. Not only does he not get invited to the dance, but his former manager is now dancing with another partner.

No statement on what happened has come out from any side. No official dismissal for Punk has been made. It's like the split never even happened.

Maybe this is the way Punk wanted it. Maybe he left for all the right reasons in hopes that a new cast of stars like Cesaro and Bryan would take the throne. It's doubtful, but possible.

But rather than contemplating what could have been with Punk, it's time to look forward to the new crop that has more than taken his place. Whether it's the "Yes Movement" or looking forward to the next emerging star who will take over the throne—it will happen, Bryan fans—WWE faithful have plenty to be excited about for the future.